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  1. Looking something like this. Don’t disagree, i already ordered the ingredients.
  2. Anyone agree or disagree with this decision. Golden ale would be tradition for bittering, centennial, and EKG later on. Liberty bell yeast. otherwise dont tempt me with a pale ale. Or saison!
  3. Yall put your labels on before or after filling? Yours are probably room temp if you dont cold crash though so theres no sweat on the bottle
  4. A friend once shipped me some kits and one was an excellent golden ale. Perhaps that will be the ticket
  5. I was also thinking roggenkellerbier. First thing that popped in my mind. Or a roggendunkelweizen international pale lager ale. I win
  6. I guess im down for anything. I want a light bodied, flavorful beer that showcases the malt. But nothing boring. Champagne taste...
  7. 9 lbs pale, 1 lb rye... haven’t decided. Id like to be lowly hopped to let the malt shine through. anyone got suggestions?
  8. So @Bonsai & Brew run this by me again. What did your tests show on the stats of this grain. 1.037 extract potential and 4 srm? I could look it up but its funner this way
  9. Woke up this morning at 3 am thinking about 9 lbs of grain from @Bonsai & Brew. Figured id start a post so anyone can follow along with the progress
  10. Pretty excited for tomorrow 


    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      Congratulations and hope you and your Dad have a great time!

  11. Good way to put things in perspective. You could be a spartan...
  12. I have no idea what the abv would be. Dont tell anyone, but i dont use MRB products... but i would do: one can cerveza 1 golden 1 pack vienna 1 pack wheat 2 pack flaked corn 1 shot of agave amarillo the whole way through us-05 3 grams of lime zest at secondary 1 wood spiral soaked in tequila
  13. Whats the abv of 2 cans and three lmes? Sounds way above my abv threshold
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