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  1. I havent been the most active on here lately. Havent been brewing much either. Perhaps Im letting myself get sidetracked by the current situation at hand. 

    But Im still the same irrational person. Buying things and trying to keep track of myself. Last week I bought a dozen donuts for a machine shop in ID cuz theyre working around the clock to keep up with demand. I got an initial thank you, which was nice. Only cost me $11


    bought that Grain Belt snowboard. Gotta look up the binding thread size to hang it. Probably should be doing that instead of typing about my life on here. 

    wife had / has covid. We were supposed to go to a wedding in Estes Park CO and instead were quarantined. Shes been in bed for days trying to stay away from us. So I have two boys all to myself. Leaning a lil hard on technology and Dragon Ball Super trying to keep them entertained since we cant do anything. Took them up north for a night. That was fun. Just the boys. 

    Thank God for sling shots. Bought a limited edition one. Cost 3x more than my beloved one I own but I owe it to the company. They make outstanding products and I back the companies that back me. 


    I didnt even turn in my competition beer. Strangely enough, the dad of the little girl my Mother in Law watches won. So we know them pretty good. Hes been brewing for 2-3 years now. Good for him. I cant wait to try his beer on tap. 

    my Brother in Law got obsessed with rebuilding his Ruger Charger so of course I had to do one too. Every company is behind. Ordered my stock over a month ago. Hasnt even shipped yet. Itll be a pistol / rifle. Takedown so its a one stop shop, do all kinda firearm. 10” barrel & 18” barrel, red dot, 3x magnifier. Its gonna be fun to bring up north.


    i need to find cheaper hobbies. Trying to make my house my hobby. Get rid of clutter, simplify, be happier. Thats my goal. 







    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      We need to craft another collaboration.

  2. I finally made it. The big time lol


  3. Got sent this today


  4. Sometimes im just a storage unit for my friends nice things


  5. New brew set up. Limited on overhead space (I always really was).  Knew what I needed but didnt want to spend that much on it.  Guess what?  Its on sale!!! Was $65 and is now $23!!! Sentinel Boil Over Minder is a great way to drain a BIAB Bag if you have to walk away



  6. Pretty excited for tomorrow 


    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      Congratulations and hope you and your Dad have a great time!

  7. 4:00 on July 17th is the release of DOS GUSSYS! Schedule your trip now


  8. bad news:

    Went to get my CO2 tank filled. It needs recertification. So I had to leave it there. No tap beer this weekend i guess


    went to a plumbing showroom to see if they sell commercial faucets. The fancy kind with the sprayer and all. $800, yeah, no thanks.


    i just picked up roughly 3.5 gallons of dog poop in anticipation of the 9” of snow thats on the way this weekend. 

    good news:


    black stones are on sale at wal mart. $175 for the 28” three burner model with a hard cover! Thats a steal


    my new lodge 12” Preseasoned carbon steel pan arrived today. I did a quick seasoning, fried an egg and it skated across the pan easily. BLTs on the menu tonight! 

  9. Well, for the first time I renewed my AHA membership into a three year subscription. I got a free book, a sticker and a carabiner coffee mug. Not to mention the savings in money. Starting the day off well if you ask me

  10. Where do you go when youre a Wisconsin native who hasn’t eating in over a day?


  11. Not for the easily offended:


    the flu 2019 timeline


    1230 pm yesterday: running to the bathroom (What the hell did I eat?)


    1245 & 100: running to the bathroom. Now I know what it is. I texted the wife right away. Stay away, I have the flu


    get home from work around 130, more toilet time and I decided I needed a shower before I crawl in bed for the rest of the day.  Cant do it, the shower made me dizzy. I retreated back to bed in just my skibbies until I realized i was freezing. 

    330: theres a knife in my stomach. Any attempts at standing result in a 30 second timer until eruption. Now the walls have been breached and its a balancing act between sharing toilet time with my head and my southern region. Gallons, freaking gallons of pure clear water are pouring out of me. 

    540: same as 330 but now i dont have anything else to give. Dry heaving is the new norm however I still managed to splash over the oversized chip bowl and onto my arm. 

    7:00: calming down, i think I actually slept for a bit there. Sips of water are actually staying down. Puking has stopped


    1:00 am: my body has nothing left to give up. Its been 17 hours since ive eaten.


    9:00 today: like nothing ever happened. I feel great. I smell like shit but I feel great. Still haven’t eaten, its been 25 hours but my God do I feel so much better!


  12. I know a lot of yall have carboys or big mouth bubblers or whatever the hell you have. I did a little test on the Anvil carboy cooking coil with my pale ale. If you’re interested, check it out


    Review: Anvil Cooling System


  13. @Jdub @Shrike @Cato its not smoking meat but it is cooking stuff! Episode 1


    Beer & Breakfast- Biscuits and Gravy

    1. Shrike


      If it wouldn't help put me in an early grave I'd eat B&G four or five times a week.  I make my own breakfast sausage for it.

  14. Me: look it wife, I ordered everything on this app for groceries this week. 

    Wife: thats cool, where at? 

    me: woodmans (the furthest store away with the most gigantic beer selection)


    wife: oh I see whats happening here


    me: (Smiling) what do you mean???

  15. Wouldnt be a trip to the LHBS without stopping for some Three Floyds!


    1. Jdub


      that's just wrong for you to post that! LOL

    2. Creeps McLane

      Creeps McLane

      Just poured my second one. Nap time coming soon. Ill be back to 0.00 by the time I wake 

  16. Hope all is well my friend.  Long days and pleasant nights there Gunslinger

    1. Big Sarge

      Big Sarge

      All is well, brother. Shit got real for awhile there, but things are normal once more. I've made some big swings in upgrading recently. Bought a large fridge converted into a kegerator, converted a picnic cooler into a mash tun, and bought a 10 gallon kettle. I'm currently carbing my first AG batch and fermenting my second. Pretty exciting stuff! 

      Hows your brewery coming along? I'd love to say I have enough time to catch up in the forums, but that's a lie. 

      Take care and thanks for the sentiment. 

  17. That fresh hop beer had some wild yeast in it from white labs but I don't think it was supposed to sour it... Drink ASAP.  I gave one to a buddy and he said it was really fizzy but he only had it in the fridge for a few hours and he said he was carrying it in his back pocket, rookies... 


    PS, yes I know everyone can see this.  I have no shame

  18. Hey! Youre brewing guru too! Internet high five!

  19. When the hell did i get brewing guru status? 

  20. Me at the liquor store today buying my $16 30 pack of craft american lager beers. “Do people really pay $21 for a 4 pack of beer”? That’s outrageous!

  21. Finally getting to the point where South Dakota is emailing events that fall during the time ill be there. 22 days and counting. @Bonsai & Brew, here we come!

  22. Fixing Less than Ideal Beer


    1. Jdub


      i especially liked the empty jester king bottle in the background....LOL

  23. Tomorrow is the 7th annual kubbapalooza party we throw. I have to clean some tap lines, print some keg labels, and get all the grilling stuff together. Im expecting about 20 people, so 10 teams in the double elimination tournament. Weather looks great, beer is tasting good, hopefully we dont have to fight for a pavilion. Ill keep yall posted

  24. That moment when you realize how long its been since youve heard from @Big Sarge...

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