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  1. hey Creeps! man i'm telling I've been watching those videos on youtube about brewing with the Grainfather, and man.... that is nice!! just wish it was a 10 gallon set up, but still basically takes out a lot of extra hard work. this would be especially perfect just for an all grain bill, and if one does extract just do other way. i'm biting my lips.........doesn't help with this disease and all Lol!

    1. Creeps McLane

      Creeps McLane

      Grain father is nice and all but I think BIAB is the way to go. $200 kettle, http://www.homebrewsupply.com/amcyl-15-gallon-brew-kettle-w-3-piece-ball-valve.html , outdoor cooker, wort chiller and you're basically set. We're talking under $350. That kettle is the one we have and we've done a ten gallon batch in it easily. Hold temp like a mofo too. We have an outdoor cooker and an indoor induction burner, induction takes longer but you're in the comfort of your own home. We installed a range hood though too. Oh and I got a canning rack from wal mart for $12 for my false bottom that I just use for mashing. 

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