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  1. Alright guys. This is it. Maybe... last time im going to speak about my YouTube channel. I am uploading a video tonight, i have crazy amounts of other one in the works. Subscribe now, or you wont know what’s going on in my world. I feel like im Brewing on a higher level, doing crazy things i would never have tried even a year ago. I feel like a tool every time i post a video, so i wont do it anymore. Subscribe. 



    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      Keep up the good work!🍻

    2. Nickfixit


      Interesting approach. 

      I do the same thing sometimes using Cooper's 6G HME cans split to 3 LBKs. It takes just a little bit less time than 3 separate LBKs.

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