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  1. 3 hours ago, Big Sarge said:

    I mean, if you’re as good as you say you are, you could call it right now and then hit them later...

    I will be choosing a sling shot im most unfamiliar with. Also, im not that good even with my fav slingshot 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Cato said:

    Hop shipment today, so now just need to flesh out the recipe. Will be a Pale Ale most likely with some nice aroma whirlpool additions of Galaxy, El Dorado, and some Amarillo and a little Citra.


    Looks like a lot of hops. When it finalized, double the late additions. Cant go wrong with more hops. Unless you clog your valve ports, eh @Jdub?

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  3. Just now, Big Sarge said:

    And you think 100lbs of malt is enough?

    I also have 10 lbs caramunich

    10 lbs carafa II

    5 lbs flaked oats

    15 lbs roasted barley 

    5 lbs victory 

    7 lbs rye malt

    30 lbs white wheat

    possibly 22 lbs of acidulated. I think I double ordered that one

  4. Long Story:


    Two saturdays (brew day) ago, I was really tired.  Sunday, even more tired.  Monday, tickle in my throat.  Tuesday, sore throat.  Wednesday, I left work.  Theres about 400 signs posted saying that if youre sick, they dont want you there.  Got tested for Covid that day.  Thursday off while I waited for results, Friday I stayed home even though I knew I was negative but they didnt...  


    Monday, went into work.  Actually got walked out because I still had "symptoms". Told not to come back until I am symptom free.  So I took today, Tuesday off as well since Im still coughing up shit and throat is a little scratchy.  Just got off the phone with my boss, told me not to come in tomorrow and he'll call me tomorrow to discuss what Thursday holds.


    So, my work is telling me to stay home.  Allegedly people are mad that I even tried to come back Monday despite a negative Covid test.  This is a place where I told my supervisor I was sick and was going straight to the ER while im almost in tears and had almost fainted a few moments before and all he told me was "go take a shit, youll feel better.".  The same place that punishes you for calling in sick by forcing you to work later on Fridays.  Now my boss is like "under no circumstance do we want you here if youre sick". "If youre trying to come back for financial reasons, we will give you a pay day loan". 


    I mean, Im glad Im being encouraged to stay home if I am not well.  However, I never thought Id be forced to stay home like this.  Im sure things will calm down in November, but hopefully a little bit of this concern for the employees health stays. 


    And honestly, Ive put it off long enough.  Freaking 7 days off and I havent brewed!!!! That changes tomorrow.  If not right now!


    Oh and I get to see my boys off to their first days of school tomorrow!

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  5. 1 hour ago, Big Sarge said:

    I'm already looking forward to my next brew day. It's hot as hell here, but I don't care! I just gotta come up with creative ways to get the wort down to pitching temp. I have my fermentation fridge and kegerator indoors here, so that's an added bonus. I spend a lot of time sweating my rump off in the garage anyway, so might as well do it while brewing! We are already empty nesters, so I hope to brew more while here. The only downfall is the wife being out of work, making money a little tighter here. Even more reason to save money brewing my own!

    Havent ruined my own batch yet but I know what you mean. One nose wipe, or leg scratch while harvesting and your next 6-8 hours of labor could all be ruined. Plus any equipment. However, some strands really dont get good until the 3-4 pitch. Just sayin

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  6. 50 minutes ago, Nickfixit said:

    Hi there!

    I have not looked here for a bit. Good to see it is still in use.

    A question how do you get IBUs in the recipe from the hops that are not boiled?

    Cuz isomeration or however you spell it happens anywhere above (guessing) 180. Im guessing thats why whirlpooling around 170 is good cuz your not losing those volatiles. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, RickBeer said:

    Very malty and apricoty...  Nope, watery and weak.  


    A crappy batch of beer is nothing compared to what many are experiencing today.  Not a big deal, just some grain and a can of apricots.

    Good way to put things in perspective. You could be a spartan...

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