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  1. 39 minutes ago, HoppySmile! said:

    i'm passing on this one, bcuz i'm overloaded right now, but Kmart has a clearance on mr. beer products, if interested, you have to search for mr. beer clearance on their site, or some of the items may not be viewable

    You talking about the $11 dollar blonde and lager?

  2. 7 minutes ago, HoppySmile! said:

    ok I hate these huge photos!!!, sorry, anyway, I research how I can brew 10 gallons or more with my pre existing cool zone temp set up. and all I need is another blue insulated jacket, the interior water cooling jacket that straps around the fermenter, some extra hoses thermowell and thermometer. the pump in the water cooler can push water and retrieve it up to 60 inches away vertically or horizontally. only need one temp controller. hook everything up, run the hose to connect inside the insulator, put thermometer inside thermowell and its good to go. the temp controller  is inserted into the first fermenter. it'll be an additional cost of course, but I lack room since my house is only 850 sq.ft.gallery_65635_46_899410.jpg

    You could totally fit a fridge right where that stuff is right now. Or a chest freezer. I saw them on sale for like $170 the other day. Even if it's too shallow just build a keezer collar on it. If you're gonna do something, do it right

  3. 3 minutes ago, HoppySmile! said:

    yea I just brewed up a dos equies clone early this morning got done at 4:00 a.m., kegged my Octoberfest and dortmunder last night too. trying to clear out all te 5 gallon extracts I have which leaves 6 to go, then i'll start brewing my most recent, the all grain bill

    Sang to the tune of jukebox hero: 

    hes a homebrew hero

    hes got blood shot eyes



  4. Ran into an issue with our Oberon batch with this basket. It's not as wide as the pot Which is good cuz then we can still use the kettle thermometer however with 25 lbs of grain in it the surface area exposed to the water was minimal. We actually had to scoop some grains out and put them in my small 3 gallon mash tun and then add a few more was of water to the kettle. Bright side is we ended up with 11 gallons instead of 10. 


    We we like the BIAB bags better

  5. I did a forum search by author of the word pisser and it seems in fact you have never said that word previously. I also searched for users with the combination of any of the following word: "hoppy" "Rick" "smile" to try any alter ego that you may have that mentioned a pisser but that didn't get me very far. So maybe you're right. 


    That was the closest I've ever come to reading your signature. Made my skin crawl. 

  6. I haven't done any research at all with these. My buddy got a 64oz one for him and a 128 for me. We basically have the same thing with our kegs, it's just the growlers are easier to transport. They seem to be even more expensive than legs so we're considering getting another 5 gallon or possibly a few 3 gallon ones. They're basically the same price which is stupid, but 3 gallons just makes more sense.

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