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  1. Boy i tell you, this week... unexpected $800 car bill, my toilet is clogged, we got put on mandatory overtime, ITS WINTER ALL OF A SUDDEN. All these things dragging me down. But then the ups man shows up with an early xmas present from a friend and theres two beer kits in the box. Things are looking up

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Cato said:

    Changed the name of my brew tomorrow from Booty Call to "Night Moves", after listening to Bob Seger's tune.


    I'm pretty much going to brew on the new rig the way I have been, just to check out the whole system.


    However, I think that to best take advantage of the features offered by the controller, I'm going to need to drill out the kettle lid and install a spray return, RIMS, so that I'll have a more consistent temp gradient throughout. What think you @Creeps McLane?

    Well, with a rims, youll need another element. Keep in mind one heat source is for the mash and then youll need one for the boil. So if you just have one induction burner, youll need another element of some kind. I think im up to date on your set up, i dont recall another heat source. If you have the whirlpool port set up then you should be good with that as your return. If youre thinking about my problems with such a temp difference in the mash and wort around my basket, my problem is that my basket has a very find mesh. Its almost like a wall in there. But stirring frequently helps

    youll be fine with just a biab set up and one burner. Youll just have to stir more often at worst. If youre using a brew bag then you should be covered. You dont have an element inside the kettle so you wont get scorching. 

    id just give the new set up a few test runs and then youll know what it can and cant do. 

  3. Ive brewed quite a bit lately. 25 gallons in two weeks. But ones a lager and itll take awhile. Perhaps Ill do my old trick of a two day sour brew. I did pick up some gooseberries today for such an occasion. 

    day 1- mash, bring up to 180, cool to 100, pitch lacto

    day 2 or 3- boil, cool, pitch yeast. 

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  4. On 10/25/2019 at 9:05 AM, Cato said:

    Saw on High Gravity's site that my new equipment was in shipping, so I figured I'd better come up with a recipe for its first run.


    Should work out okay in my schedule as my Galaxy APA should bottle in the next 10 days.


    I don't normally brew the same style back to back, but as much as I like APA's they are also my weakest style and just haven't felt like I really nailed one yet.


    So I decided to copy a contest winners recipe off of the AHA site, and chose Big Boi's Booty Sweat. Lol, the name could have more appeal but the recipe looks to be really nice, but has a more involved hop schedule than I usually follow. Heck, that could be a big part of my problem IDK.


    Where are you getting those exotic ingredients like idaho 7 and vics secret? 

  5. 1 hour ago, Brian N. said:

    Are you adding vanilla extract? If so, I would expect that it is fine (usually is in an alcohol base). A measuring spoon well washed in hot water or from the dishwasher should be OK. I would open the lid minimally,  just enough to slip the spoon in, then close right away. The risk of infection is low. If you are worried, boil as Creeps McLane suggested, but boiling such a small volume might prove difficult. Microwaving boiling such a small volume might turn it into a very viscus goop. Another approach might be to dilute the vanilla in a cup of water and boil that. 


    10 hours ago, ewildcat7 said:

    Hi gang

    I made a recipe that calls for the addition of 2 tbsp of vanilla after fermenting for 7 days.  Can I boil the tablespoon to sterilize it?  Or do I have to mix up an extremely small batch of starsan?  Is there another method for sterilizing a single utensil?

    See, are we talking about the “tablespoon” of vanilla, or the “tablespoon” itself. Im guessing any food product sold on the shelf should be “food grade” and free of bacteria. The tablespoon itself on the other hand, i would sanitize. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, ewildcat7 said:

    Hi gang

    I made a recipe that calls for the addition of 2 tbsp of vanilla after fermenting for 7 days.  Can I boil the tablespoon to sterilize it?  Or do I have to mix up an extremely small batch of starsan?  Is there another method for sterilizing a single utensil?

    Id just stick it in boiling water for a minute or five. Then wait for it to cool obviously eh?

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  7. Ordered all the ingredients for this. Itll be the first wort my counterflow chiller sees. As soon as the conical opens up, this is going in. Its a Schells firebrick clone. I previously told @Bonsai & Brew i wasnt the biggest fan of that beer, but a guy should get through at least half of his sixer before he opens his big mouth. Im really liking the firebrick / nordeast combo. Start with a nordeast or two and then finish with a full flavored similar beer. One two punch 


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  8. 9 hours ago, Jdub said:

    just crushed 11 lbs of grain for my "Texas Sunset Pale Ale". brewing in the morning. Using Centennial for bittering.  Eukanot, simcoe and loral Cryo hops for low temp whirlpooling and dry hopping. US-05. should be good.

    You brewing that today?

  9. I was thinking to myself today "cant you sneak in a brew day during the week?  I mean the pipeline is awfully low".  So I said, Self, that's a damn good idea.  Went home, drew up a recipe fpr a simple 5 gallon BIAB.  Prepare tomorrow, Brew on Wednesday.  Well, then my phone buzzed and an event was added to the family calendar.  Apparently my wife will be with my sister tomorrow night, kids will be at my parents so of course Ill be brewing tomorrow.  


    Salts are measured, kettle is clean, grains are milled, should be set.  Oh hell yeah!!!


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  10. Ive been milling my GNOs everytime ive used them. Havent seen a retailer that says not to mill then yet but no one says “must be milled”. I had to refer to a pro brewer forum where it said they mill them up. Anywho, not my real question. Every week i make my own energy concoction of quick oats, honey, PB, and chocolate chips. Think i could use golden naked oats instead of quaker? And not mill them for my home made bars?

  11. 13 hours ago, Nickfixit said:

    YCH is marketing what they call American Noble hops. These are low AA (1-3) pellets made from the leftover bits after making their cryo product.

    THey are intended to impart the American flavors into beers that you would otherwise use Noble hops for.

    So it is not a hop blast like for IPAs. It is a more subtle nuanced result.


    Has anyone used these?


    I got a 2 oz pkt intending to make a Space Dust clone, but I don't think they are up to it. I need T-90 pellets.


    I remember hearing about this on the brewing networks “hop and brew school” podcast. Its hard to remember whats spoken about on what episode but maybe the hop format show or the hop oil fractions show talks about these. 

  12. 11 minutes ago, Jdub said:

     @StretchNM if you don't mind me asking, why do you want to brew 1 gallon batches? to each his own, but it's no more effort to fill up your LBK (2 gallons) and have more beer.to drink. especially if you really like it....know what i mean? i used to think that the LBK was way too much beer, and now I'm questioning the concept of 4 gallons. go figure.

    I agree. I brewed 10 gallons this weekend, 5 gallons AG wouldve taken just as much time, 2 gallons wouldve taken just as much time. Brew more now so you dont have to brew later. Split yeasts, add fruit, experiment and youll learn twice as fast

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  13. 54 minutes ago, StretchNM said:

    It's not a stupid question, @Creeps McLane. I knew about needing the grains milled, but when I bought the grains I was just ready to pay and leave. Luckily, the guy said "Want me to mill these for you?". "But... of course!" :D (A save, but not a "veteran" save")


    I will steep the grains for 1 hour, then expect to have about 1.6 gals after removing them. Boil hops for 1 hour and I will have about 1.3 gallons for fermenting. Use the LBK so there's enough room for wort and fermentation. Then, I can just leave it in the LBK until bottling time(?)


    Thank you again. Does that program you use cost or is it free?

    Beersmith costs money. Its super nice if you plan on brewing AG. After a few batches you input your systems figures and then you never have to woory about it again. I dont measure anything anymore, the program does is all for me

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  14. 1 minute ago, StretchNM said:


    Thank you @Creeps McLane. As you might have guessed I have some questions. I want to understand: Do I start with 1.94 gallons, then after steeping the grains (1 hour?) I'll have 1.6 gallons? Then after I boil the hops (how long?) I'll have 1.3 gallons? It seems like I will lose more than .3 gallons boiling for one hour.


    The last time I made the (original recipe) Kit, it called for total 1/2 oz hops, 3/4 boiled for 60 minutes and remaining 1/4 at flameout. Should I do the same thing again? Also, it looks like the mash going into fermenter is 1.3 gallon, so it seems I can't use the 1-gallon jug, but I need to use my LBK so I have enough room(?).

    Mash water + displacement of grains lets you know your volume which would let you know how full your kettle is gonna be. Youll lose water absorbing into the grains so you should be left with 1.6 when you lift out your bag and give it a slight squeeze. 


    If you want to have 1 gallon at bottling then you’ll need the lbk. Assuming a slight loss to trub in the glass carboy youll end up with maybe 0.8ish gallons at bottling.  


    Beersmith assumes a boil off rate. Thats dependant on your kettle and vigor of boil. I triple the assumed loss with my set up which includes loss in the lines and pump. 


    I put the hops for your recipe at 60 minutes just because you really didnt say what you intended to do for a hopping schedule. 


    Stupid question but your grains are milled right?

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  15. 8 minutes ago, Bonsai & Brew said:

    I'm thinking Pre-Prohibition American Pale Ale -- Rahr 6-row, flaked corn, a little Crystal and fermenting with K-97.  I grabbed a couple hop cones, checked out their lupulin and am picking up on some herbal notes, a hint of light sage, and some resiny aromas.  This will be interesting...

    I remember last year, one day i walked out in the yard and it smelled like woodstock 1969. Thats when i knew they were ready. I havent had that with this years crop but i havent been over by them twice a day, staring, shining a flashlight at night, telling them bed time stories like i did last year. 


    Im either gonna use gulo ale yeast, saisonsteins monster or 05 if i have it. Gulo would be nice, that stuff cranks out a beer in days. I input the recipe in beersmith, i figured 3 oz of each hop at 30 minutes would be good. Im at 92 ibus. I hope thats not accurate 

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