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  1. Its an ale, 1L should be fine. I say do it. Better than no starter for sure
  2. Gonna brew this weekend. Itll be a dumpster beer but itll be great. Ill brew it this weekend, and then crack a bottle every birthday that the world is still spinning and im still sucking some version of air. probably a pale malt, wheat, rye and dextrin grist. Then add some old moldy hops from the first year i grew hops. Prop up some Jester King yeast and let it work for a few weeks then add some brett. Throw a shirt over it and forget about it until maybe march of next year.
  3. Missed the anniversary. Sorry bout that. not pictured: @C-ya
  4. This turned into a very nice discussion if you ask me. Top notch
  5. Question, what does hop utilization have to do with mashing? Unless your mash hopping but still your not hot enough to get utilization are you? Youre just stealing the oils and flavor. now, hop utilization vs gravity would be a discussion on partial volume boils vs full volume and wed be back to talking about max saturation points again. Cant get away from the topic
  6. 1.050 vs 1.052? Shoot, i could sneeze into my mashtun and get that much sugar out of my schnoz.
  7. So youre telling me truly batch sparging vs biab yielded the same gravity worts? as for your question, I think the cooler is your bag then. You know? Theyre doing the same thing right? Only thing would be if the density of the wort is stronger at the bottom below the bazooka screen. Unless you tip it?
  8. Well, dont quote me on this but I believe we’re achieving the same result in different ways. I think you have less water therefore less area for the sugars to go. They have no choice but to stay in the grain. With more water in BIAB im giving the sugars more places to go. Did I explain that right? everything has a max saturation point, if thats the right word. Im trying to think of an analogy... sparging: two bowls, one gallon each, one has two drops of food coloring and the other has one. Representing first runnings and then sparging. Combine, should be the same as: biab: one bowl, Two gallons of water, three drops food coloring. thats not really right. I guess youll say the efficiency wont be the same but I think its close enough to not care. Whats more important to me is getting things like my boil off rate dialed in. They both determine the gravity right? plus i need to justify my 20 gallon kettle.
  9. You bet your ass i do! Its probably the most worrisome part of my brew day. My herms coil is great but I didn’t use it last batch and i recirculated the wort differently to accommodate. But with a cooler, shouldnt be a problem
  10. Im just wondering what size cooler and what size batches you are doing. If its a 10 gallon cooler you should be ok right? With a 5 gallon batch? Maybe not. I cant remember. I brewed a 10 gallon batch last weekend at 6% and had to sub 5 lbs of two row for extract for comfort. sparging sounds like such a terrible word right now. I havent sparged in probably a year, maybe two. But your proposed method seems legit. i wanted to say too, step mashing sucks in a cooler. Youre adding volume to a tight squeeze as it is and have to heat a seperate thing and by the time you add the water and stir youve lost another 5 degrees and youre short of your target again. in short, all im leading to with all this is simplicity. Add water, add grain, pull grain boil. Why complicate it. Thats why I love BIAB. One kettle. One thing to clean. Bad enough I have to use a pump and a chiller and i curse them every time i have to use them
  11. random thoughts while I have a minute F sparging Take a recipe in beersmith, scale it to the BIAB set up, done. i squeeze a bit cuz 20 minutes is very valuable to me. Pull basket, drain for a second, then I push with my metal plate until i reach my target volume. Takes 4-5 pushes. No mess. Drip dry in the sink, take it to the compost in the morning. little confused on the bag inside the cooler comment. I guess then it’ll drip instead of sparging? Or crushing the bazooka screen? What size is the cooler again. In my experience, when you go BIAB, whatever youre mashing in needs to be upgraded.
  12. Yeast health, not quantity right? Thats why I tend to make a starter if the yeast is getting older. however, I know the time and energy these companies put into the research of how to package their product and they want to say they are superior. Thats why I also have no problem chucking it in straight if I just dont feel like making a starter. having a dud is one thing, but ive had batches that just dont finish out. Especially on lagers. Ive had two that are a tad sweeter than I expected and Im guessing its because of yeast that got tired.
  13. Maintaining an exact temperature with a propane burner? Pretty much impossible. Well, unless you’re stirring and watching every second of the mash. Aint nobody got time for that. But its not all negative. Ive completely F-ed up mashing on the propane burner, ended my mash after 20 minutes and i was at 180, but guess what, that beer was just as good as any other ive brewed with my electric set up. grain absorption is the easy part. Beersmith has pretty much been exactly on after a lil bit of squeezing the bag in my experience. i have 4 kettles, i only use 2. Why? Cuz its easier. I hate cleaning. Awhile ago I had to remind myself that brewing is a hobby. Im supposed to enjoy it. Not curse the world while im cleaning that third kettle or laying awake worrying about my mash temps.
  14. I have that exact pulley. I really like it. I was using a winch from harbor freight and that kinda sucked. I also have it on a closet rod so I can slide it right over to my sink to drip while I brew. Wanna see it in action? Skip to 2:30
  15. I waited to offer my opinion, but I cant wait any longer. just stick to single infusion. Its more straight forward and easier with your setup. Beersmith should already figure in your volumes for boiling water additions but I still never liked it. The only reason I step mash is when Im doing traditional german lagers. It also raises my abv, which is nice. scrap the setup, use the 10 gal bk as a 5 gallon biab setup. You can step mash all you want with that.
  16. Ordered the following: Mangrove liberty bell Ale yeast us-05 omega c2c farmhouse camping / survival packs are done. Time to get back to brewing
  17. How many people here have brewed with the Pink Boots Blend? Me, @Nickfixit, and @Cato? Anyone else?
  18. You still gotta get up earlier than that. Though our motives for waking up are way different. I envy yours
  19. Looks good! Very good is only good enough to some. Reaching for that next level is a rewarding and frustrating journey
  20. Just ordered all the ingredients for vienna lager brew #3. Then I checked the “bargain bin” and saw they have pale extract 3.3 lbs half off so I bought 8! Little Chute run tomorrow
  21. Im in, i ordered 8 oz of pink boots and 8 oz of the veterans blend. Figured just like my two boys, I cant pick favorites. I have so many hops. Like so many hops. Im almost my own LHBS at this point
  22. Thinking about a double brew day today. I have all the ingredients for a recipe I stole from @Jdub. It was gonna be called “jackin jdub“ but I quickly realized that was the worst possible name ever. Also, “Jackin Jesters” got changed to “Jester King Yeast”. In my language jacking means stealing but I believe theres a second meaning out there also. anywho, the vienna lager isnt doing the greatest in competition so Im not going to waste my money sending that to NHC.
  23. Behind the scenes, he put his glasses on. Then took a deep breath of relief. its like when im searching the house for my hat and then I ask my wife where my hat is and she says “its on your head”.
  24. bad news:

    Went to get my CO2 tank filled. It needs recertification. So I had to leave it there. No tap beer this weekend i guess


    went to a plumbing showroom to see if they sell commercial faucets. The fancy kind with the sprayer and all. $800, yeah, no thanks.


    i just picked up roughly 3.5 gallons of dog poop in anticipation of the 9” of snow thats on the way this weekend. 

    good news:


    black stones are on sale at wal mart. $175 for the 28” three burner model with a hard cover! Thats a steal


    my new lodge 12” Preseasoned carbon steel pan arrived today. I did a quick seasoning, fried an egg and it skated across the pan easily. BLTs on the menu tonight! 

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