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  1. 1 hour ago, Cato said:

    Going to do a small batch of Wiscohops, after reading my score sheets from the latest comp.

    I'm encouraged that this beer given the right timing and some more hops can move from very good to excellent.

    It was past its prime by judging time and with no changes, had it been timed better I believe it would have scored much better.

    I've entered this upcoming batch in another comp and very interested in its outcome. It's really quite good when in its prime.


    Lol, this beer was born out of a beer not sold here, @Creeps McLane, Titletown's Hopulation. Score sheet link-

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/m20m87m52g7zg82/000066 (1).pdf?dl=0

    Looks good! Very good is only good enough to some. Reaching for that next level is a rewarding and frustrating journey

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  2. Im in, i ordered 8 oz of pink boots and 8 oz of the veterans blend. Figured just like my two boys, I cant pick favorites. I have so many hops. Like so many hops. Im almost my own LHBS at this point

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  3. Thinking about a double brew day today. I have all the ingredients for a recipe I stole from @Jdub. It was gonna be called “jackin jdub“ but I quickly realized that was the worst possible name ever. Also, “Jackin Jesters” got changed to “Jester King Yeast”. In my language jacking means stealing but I believe theres a second meaning out there also. 

    anywho, the vienna lager isnt doing the greatest in competition so Im not going to waste my money sending that to NHC. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, Big Sarge said:

    Putting a tee in the line is definitely a great recommendation. How likely am I to find a tee barb at Ace/Lowe's/HD? 

    If I cranked it to 20 on day 1, then popped another 20 in there 2-3 days later, do you think I'd be closer still? 

    Hell, I just need to get a manifold lol

    Extremely likely. Or at the LHBS too. I bought a plastic one years ago. One tee, 3 clamps, done and done

  5. 28 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    So since I'm yet to get a manifold and provide multiple gas outlets, I have a little question since I'm about a week out from having two full kegs in the fridge. How much should I crank the second keg to, taking it off gas while I drink the other? I'd obviously dose up the CO2 intermittently, just to keep it working on carbing. I know this isn't an exact science type of question and could prove otherwise blasphemous. I would just like the second to carb up some while off gas so I can swap back and forth at some point. If I'm chasing my tail, just let me know. 

    You could just tee the line. If you have the space for two kegs. 

    otherwise, what i do is fill keg, purge a few times, then crank it up to 20 to set the seals. Then i store it away. It wont be fully carbed but youll be a day or two closer. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Kevin Caffrey said:

    The instructions for this recipe indicate to ferment between 53 & 59 degrees -- does anyone know what would happen if kept at a slightly higher recommendation such as between 60 & 64?



    Im no expert on the 23 yeast but I will say that im about to brew a pilsner and normally id ferment at 55 but it recommends 58 to decrease sulfur production. Kind of counter intuitive 

  7. 10 hours ago, Stevo0083 said:

    SPECIALTY STEEPING GRAIN · 0.5 lbs Briess Caramel 20L

    MALT EXTRACTS · 9.15 lbs Gold Malt Syrup

    HOPS · 1 oz Bravo (60 min)

    · 1 oz Columbus (10 min)

    · 1 oz Denali (10 min)

    · 1 oz Columbus (0 min)

    · 1 oz Denali (0 min)

    · 1 oz Columbus (dry hop)

    · 1 oz Denali (dry hop) 



    Is this your own recipe or one you found?


    whos malt extract is it? 

  8. 8 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    I got them from water reports online from the aquifer that supplies the well water. I could be wrong, but I imagine of I walked into city hall and asked about their water profile, they'd think I'm a terrorist. Those poor ladies that work as clerks there wouldn't know what to do. I just figured o could get close enough with some online research. I might have to go in and scare the blue haired beehives. 

    I looked up my results and then verified through email with the city. Then a friend tested my water for me. Id go with the report but i dont know your water system. In places like cali it changes all the time

  9. 45 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    So there I was, extremely bored at work today. I decided to do a deep dive into researching my water here in wonderful Oklahoma. This was the best I came up with. I've merely scratched the surface on messing with water profiles and the calculators are mandarin to me. 

    What do I think? I should dilute with distilled water. Am I right? I defer to the experts. I'm not asking you to do work for me, just trying to make sense of this. I don't foresee my back 40 town producing a real time water profile for me, so I figured I'd seek advice before trying to dig deeper. 


    Where did you get the numbers from? 

    your city should have a public water report. My citys told me everything but the bicarbonate 

  10. 39 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    So you have a beer gun and pretty much swear by it? I can see your concerns about sanitation. I've also seen some crazy setup where someone sticks a bottling wand in a cobra tap, turns the pressure way down, and does it like that. I'd like a beer gun down the road, but I can't quite justify the need just yet. 

    Ive had the last straw and i now have the blichmann beer gun. I like blichmann better. 

    Blichmann Beer Gun


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  11. 3 hours ago, Big Sarge said:

    I obviously have some kegging issues I'm trying to get straight before getting too far down a rabbit hole, but I was wondering if anyone bottles from their keg? Is a beer gun needed? I've seen taps that you can hook up and gas line to for bottling straight from there. I've also seen methods not requiring additional fancy equipment. 

    I'm merely inquiring for conversation and potentially attempting down the road. 

    One thing to mention with filling from the tap line, is sanitation. I have a ball lock disconnect that screws right into my tap but id never bottle a beer from it cuz I dont trust the tap being clean like my beer gun is. I also have a growler filler attachment for my taps which you could fill a bottle with like @RickBeer said but its not the ideal way to do it. 

  12. 8 hours ago, D Kristof said:

    What about the chili man??? THE CHILI!!! 

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  13. 16 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    I'm good on gas, solidifying my no leaks claim. It was a little concerning after carbing and serving only three legs, but I have screwed around with so many different pressures with associated bleeding and filling, I think it's ok-ish. The ball lock disconnect brand is unknown, more hand me downs. I'll make note of your preference, as I want to order more down the line during expansion. The connections at the ball lock connector end of both lines are barbs with swivel (screw on?) nuts. I've discovered leaks on the beer line (quite obvious) and used thread tape to fix them. They seem pretty well off, although I should check them again. 

    I'm trending towards figuring it out, although I feel so lost. 

    No teflon, you should just need a swivel nut washer. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    I check at initial hookup. I could probably stand to check throughout the duration, at least with the corny and its gaskets. 

    Have you ran out of gas at an obnoxious pace? What kind of ball lock disconnects are you using? I have all CM Becker cuz theyre the best. Ive had keg king ones before and they leak and then they dont, then they do, then they dont. Theyre in the landfill now. Good riddance. I know you’ve used starsan to check your connections but is everything a barb fitting or is there some janky pipe to flare to barb or something going on? And swivel connections? Bump those things and theyll start leaking immediately. Tighten a nut 6’ from that connection and itll leak. 

    anywho, are you more lost or are you more close to your goal?

  15. 27 minutes ago, Big Sarge said:

    I think the goal of balancing is to have your carbing pressure equal your serving pressure. That ensures consistent target carbonation is maintained throughout the life of the keg. I'm usually looking at about 10 psi for carbing, keeping it easy at 2.5 volumes CO2. My beer wasn't pouring well at that pressure, though. That's why I've been chasing the beer line length. I don't want long lines in the fridge (6.5 ft currently, tried 10 ft previously based on online calculators), I just want a good pour. Temperature is known and was (before the freezing lines) pretty consistent. When I set the carbing pressure for my first batch, sat there at two weeks on gas, at temperature, the pour came out slow and the beer was very flat. I hate that I can't verify proper operation of my regulator. It's a Kegco regulator, but still a hand me down. 

    I just went back and looked at a don osborn video for his kegerator. Looks like in his fridge he has about 5’ lines and in the comments he says he keeps his regulator set at 10. 

    i dont really think 18” would make yours pour significantly slower at 10 psi than his. A keg at 32 degrees for two weeks at 10 psi should be carbed, it shouldve been carbed in half that time. Do you have any other gas guage? To test the regulator out on? 

    When i first set up my keezer i was also freezing lines. I just turned it up a hair. Also, my johnson controller is horse shit. I set it at 35 and im freezing lines. Its set at 40 i think and the keezer temps at 35. Thats pretty important too. I keep a thermometer in the compressor step part of the keezer at all times. If youre freezing lines, you gotta be less than 30 degrees cuz beer freezes at a lower temp. Also, perhaps theres chunks of frozen ice in the line blocking it? Do you have a spare picnic tap? Hook it up and pour a beer maybe?


    to reduce foam- lower temp or change line length right? Id have to read ricks link to see if youd have to increase or decrease the line length. 

    too violent of a pour?- Possibly overcarbed or decrease serving/ carbing pressure. Prob disconnect gas altogether until it mellows out 


    Massive head but still flat?- over carbed. From my experience, an uncarbed beer will yield no head at all. 

    2 weeks in the keezer at 10 psi and not carbed- equipment failure. Has to be. No other reason i can explain that other than your keezer is room temp. 

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