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  1. This Founders Centennial IPA Im drinking is extremely bitter to me.  Its rated at 65 IBU's


    Founders Double Trouble is rated at 86 and it doesnt bother me at all.


    Josh R taught me something tonight.  Im going to print that post off, and the link and keep it in my brew diary.  Endless knowledge on this forum

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  2. I think you'll be disappointed at what a shot of bourbon does (or doesn't do).  But now you'll find out.  Compare side by side, BLIND if possible, with the ones you did not add bourbon to.

    Imagine if you will...


    February, Green Bay WI...  A foot of snow staring at you, your snow blower idling in anticipation.  Youre thinking "Shoot, its cold out here... Better get a bottle of my very own Snowblower Bourbon Batch"


    That sir is the exact scenario for which I used some bourbon.  I have (9) 16 oz bottles with bourbon and (37) 12 oz bottles w/o to compare.


    I was on the fence about the bourbon until I had a Hinterland "White Out" White IPA from bourbon barrels.  High IBU and High ABV, It made me a believer

  3. I ended up taking 9 16 oz bottles and adding a shot of bourbon to them. I'll wait at least two months before cracking one of those babies

    As far as taste at bottling I thought it was very smooth and not overly hoppy. I was also drinking a Founders Centennial IPA while bottling so maybe my hop tastebuds were distorted.

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  4. Hummmmmm.... Not sure if my brew caught an infection or if it's supposed to taste like it does. Best I can describe;

    The look: Nice and dark with a thick, creamy head and good lacing the glass.

    The aroma: Smells like a chocolate bar melting in the fall sun on a pile of fallen leaves.

    The flavor: Tastes like a winter dark ale that has noticeable bitterness, yet also sweet with a hint of citrus after taste.

    It's easy to drink, not "nasty" tasting like something spoiled, more like something I wasn't expecting. Granted it's at 12 days post bottling so I'm just hoping after a couple more weeks the flavors find a happy medium.

    I just bottled mine last night and it tasted freaking great!!! I went with the original posted hop schedule but no dry hopping (cuz I forgot).

    Didn't you say yours tasted great at bottling too? You're getting me nervous

    Took a FG reading and came up with 6.04 abv, then this morning I realized that was with my priming sugar in already... Say maybe I'm at 6.2??? No idea.

  5. I just bottled a batch last night that I fermented at 65 for two weeks and then took out of the fermentation fridge. Basement is at about 62 degrees so on the basement floor it was at about 60.5 for that last week. 05 yeast, tasted great at bottling, like really good...

    I listened to a podcast once where a guy from Bells said they lower some of their IPAs to 62 for the last few days.

  6. I don't understand how someone reharvests yeast when theres hops and grains in the trub. I have this link that I book marked but I still am assuming the hops will affect the next batch.


    Also, once upon a time I found this magical site that had a full list of yeasts and a drop down menu for what beer your brewing. When you chose your beer it would update the yeasts and tell you how they would affect the flavor of your beer. Anyone even seen that? I should've book marked it when I had it...

  7. Go to Screwybrewer.com and download the update which includes the Mr. Beer products. He explains how to enter them also.

    That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Thank you!!! I wasn't seeing certain hops and things too. Fixed everything

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  8. Same here, I have my controller set to 65. I check it every day and it's spot on. The brew de ale ze bub is sitting right next next to it. They must've been goofing off and things got out of control. That's the only thing I can think of

  9. Brewed on Friday night, woke up Saturday to a very nice start of krausen. Sunday morning woke up to find my blow off tube couldn't handle the load and my fermentation fridge has krausen all over it. Blow off blew right off... Hopefully it wasn't exposed for too long.

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