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  1. As my signature used to say, if you are planning on doing the hop-stand, I recommend boiling a gallon of water - 2 if you have the time to cool it all. More water means more hops utilization. Just cool it to 180 or less first, and you won't get much (if any) IBUs out of the hops, just the flavour & aroma.

    Forgive my ignorance, but why would I be boiling water when dry hopping? I was planning on just chucking some pellets in around 3 days before bottling

  2. I brewed up a can of Winter Dark the other day with a LME packet of robust.  Any Aroma hops that pair well with the Robust flavors?


    Also Its basically the defibulator dopplebock without the booster.  How long should I condition for?  How does one typically determine such things?  Higher ABV = longer conditioning?

  3. Yeah, I don't have a pipeline, as I split each batch between myself and my brew-bro.


    As soon as he starts brewing (IF!!!) then we will still split each batch between us, but that means I will be getting beer from him as well as what I make.

    I plan on not touching this beer for another 5 weeks, and comparing. It should be good to go by then, but since Justen (brew-bro) didn't go half on this batch, these are all mine and I might stick a 4-pack away for Thanksgiving.


    This is the same deal I have between me and my best friend. He had everything he needs but he wants to brew at my place and our schedules almost never line up. Good luck man

  4. Brewers best makes kits for 5 gal batches. They have a difficulty rating on them; if I'm assuming correctly the easy ones are just hops and LME. I've never made one yet but I think as you step up then they give you grains and such. That may all be a lie though

    Same thing over at morebeer.com. They have ale kits that are "easy" they have free shipping over $60 too.

  5. Let me know how you like it with the coffee. I saw the stout and coffee recipe and wanted to try it with the winter dark also. I have enough to make 6 gallons and I was thinking bottling 2 gallons in liter bottles with a shot of whiskey and 2 gallons with coffee. The other two I'd decide later what to do.

  6. Twice now I have tried to make a purchase on my phone with no success. I have to go to my laptop to make a purchase. Not sure if you're aware of the problem.

    I can't log in, it just redirects me to the log in screen again. And if I try checking out, it just refreshes to a screen saying my shopping cart is empty.

    Everything work fine from my personal computer however im not always around a PC when I feel the urge to spend a little cash. Just letting you know

  7. I know all beer may not produce large amounts of krausen... But if I was to test to see if my beer was fermenting, after what day would I be able to take a hydrometer reading and compare with my OG reading? If it's not fermenting can I just dump some yeast in quick?

    This is day 3 and minimal krausen. Slight bubbling though. German wheat beer at about 70 degrees. Yeast not left in a hot car for a week this time.

  8. My first batch was CAL and my dad really liked it (blatz drinker) so I decided to make another batch as a social beer.

    You see what happened is I thought all cans of extract were the same. I'm new, pardon my ignorance. I'm just here to learn. I read the forums daily and every post and every new batch teaches me so much. I'll be a MB brewer for a long time.

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