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  1. Awaiting @MRB Josh R to give me the green light. This look good joshy boy? I'm 6 IBUs over my target, which I can't help, but otherwise should be pretty spot on. As long as I can even make that HME into a blue moon clone. Grains and this style are far from my expertise.
  2. Mr Beer Blue Moon Clone Recipe Mr Beer Blue Moon Clone Style Witbier Brewer Batch 5.00 gal Partial Mash Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.055 OG Estimated FG 1.014 FG Recipe Bitterness 15 IBU Alcohol by Volume 5.3% Recipe Color 4° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.2% Ingredients Quantity Grain Type Use 1.00 lb Flaked Oats [Briess] - Body, mouthfeel and head retention Adjunct Mashed 3.00 lb Two-row (US) Grain Mashed 3.74 lb Mr. Beer/Coopers Bavarian Weissbier Extract Extract 1.00 lb Wheat (US) Grain Mashed Quantity Hop Type Time 2.00 oz Mr. Beer Bavarian Weissbier Pellet 5 minutes Quantity Misc Notes 1.00 unit Orange Peel, Sweet Spice 3 oz, 10 minutes before flameout 1.00 unit Coriander Spice 1.5 tsp, 10 minutes before flameout Recipe Notes Batch Notes Safale US-05
  3. Just to clarify, Weiss means white and weiz means wheat. So I should stay away from wheat beer recipes? Or can I still make them into a wheat beer? Never made anything German yet. Again this goes back to what grains I can use with these. Or breiss makes a Bavarian wheat extract or a Pilsner. Not sure what a Munich is either.
  4. May as well start talking about recipe ideas. I bought 5, either going to see if I can get one more or supplement with some grains. I was thinking about a 5 gallon batch using two HMEs and some grain to recreate a blue moon. Just not sure what grains to use. Pilsner, a German pale ale, or just some flaked oats / wheat. I think 1 can I'll brew as directed since I've never made this one before. The Belgian blanc recipe looks really good too.
  5. I don't get notifications of someone comments on one of my pics. Doesn't that seem like something that should happen? "Hey creeps, what's in that fermenter?" 3 months later I actually notice there's a comment on one of my pics.
  6. Yea, it's the first time were using it. Seems quite nice though. Nice wide mouth for cleaning, can make it bottling or normal fermenter. The real benefit is it's 8 gallon, I see 6 gallon batches Fitting very nicely in there
  7. SOB qbrew lied to me. I prob added that hop myself though
  8. Low cohumulone. Shouldn't be that bitter at all actually. That's why I chose that hop.
  9. Too late, were already a week away from kegging. Think I'll dry hop though
  10. I set my fridge at 62 if I'm fermenting two different batches. Only for peak fermentation. Then I bump it up to 64. I really like 62. I suppose it depends on your yeast though. MB yeast? I'd say 62 is great. I always get contradicted though.
  11. Looking at some old posts, what does the bookmark with a heart in the middle mean? On my phone it's on the top right corner of a post. Ie. Big sarge has two in "what's your occupation" what does this mean????
  12. So what Are you suggesting? Mix them at bottling? Mix them at serving? How would you carbonate at bottling? If at all. Probably don't. I'm just going to talk this through to myself and all y'all.
  13. Chew them up and spit them into your boil kettle full of water. I call it the baby bird method. Takes awhile. That's why an AG batch takes 8 hours.
  14. I like the shandy. Nice hot day mowing the lawn, summer grad parties, outdoor weddings, so many good times to grab a shandy and quench the thirst. Must be a Wisconsin thing. I only like the lemon shandy though. The rest are disgusting. PS summer shandy should've just hit your local liquor store shelves recently. Give it another go eh?
  15. Is that all you think about is beer???? me too
  16. Clearly Rick has never been to Wisconsin. We drink. We work, and drink. If we could drink at work then, then we'd all be in trouble. Think of us all as Irishmen. Just less mean
  17. I'll let you know Friday what I think. I'll savor that sweet wort and think long and hard about what it tastes like
  18. I just saw the LBK with condensation on it and figured you cold crashed and we're drinking a full glass of uncarbonated beer
  19. I've tasted it. All tastes like sugar to me. Like candy...
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