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  1. I'm wondering if this is the 3 week conditioning tester or 3 week fermenting tester. If it's fermenting then I wouldn't use a glass that big. I use a 4 oz sampler glass. Prob only full half way too
  2. Was thinking about buying recently too. The only down side, which may sound crazy is you're limited to a 10 gallon batch. 5 years from now if I want to start making 15 gallon batches you have to start over again. But for now that would be awesome
  3. what was this thread originally about again? We shoudve moved to the chat room. Some nights around 2 am I cant see straight and I wish someone, anyone would be in the chat room so I could talk some serious nonsense
  4. I hope it Blatz Light and its fresh cuz Blatz Heavy tastes like Fox River. This is my Blatz tattoo I got to honor my dad (Still alive) Blatz is the first beer I ever tried. Spit that trash back out and said Id never drink beer ever!!! I mightve been 8? Look at me now eh?
  5. A homebrewer who has a Pabst glass, and drinks MGD and if Im not mistaken Thats a Hamms in the lower right corner. 'Merica
  6. Youll have one for your little Ewok buddy there. Wicket is it?
  7. I heard that one is really good too The metal just sucks cuz its like it needs to be dry lubed or something
  8. Oh and twisting a cap is much easier. PET are just all together quicker at bottling day
  9. I would also like to mention that cappers make a difference. I have two cappers. I did a lot of review reading and bought a metal one first. I wish I never wasted my money on that thing. It takes me twice as long as using a red baron capper. The metal one holds on to the cap so well that I cant get it back off. My buddy got a Brewers Best kit and that came with a red baron. I had to buy my own after using his
  10. I like to have options. If I have oly an hour to quick bottle my beer then PET and carb drops are the way to go. If I have more than an hour I use glass bottles. The other night the wife left me alone for an hour and I was able to bottle a 2 gallon batch in less than an hour but I was using 22 ozers. Got 10 of them an one lone 12 oz. I guess it just depends. All I know is 12 oz bottles take a long time to bottle a batch. Imagine a 5 gallon batch too when you get 50 bottles...
  11. Nice! I really like using breiss products. I always keep a can of golden light on hand. Did you know they're a Wisconsin company? Chilton if I'm not mistaken. 20 minutes from Green Bay and you could go visit them.
  12. I'm talking wort temps taken from the temp controller probe which is taped to the side of my fermenter. However after primary fermentation ambient temp should be the same as the wort temp. I have either a freezer or a keggerator hooked to my temp controller. I also have a Johnson temp controller. I use pails but I wouldn't hesitate to use two LBK's for a 5 gallon batch. Glass carboys are a pain to clean in my opinion. Heres is my temp controller. Inkbird Itc-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat, 2-stage, 1000w, w/ Sensor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011296704/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_tW20wbYPDV1P4
  13. Been doing a little research and it seems that as long as you use a 11.5 gram packet of dry yeast, no starter is needed. Rehydrating is reccomended. You should only make starters with liquid yeast to help them reproduce since liquid yeast has approx 1/3 of the active yeast cells in it compared to dry.
  14. Think of the cost, 1 oz of hops approx $5, 1 oz of Marijuana...??? A lot more than $5
  15. Johnson controllers are expensive and I like my digital one a lot better. It's an inkbird. I posted something awhile back about it. Cheap and easy to use and it has a cooling and heating plug. Awesome.
  16. Before they come in contact with your beer. You can mix some One Step, or spray some Star San on them but I always just boil them for 5 min. Get home from work, boil some water, say hi to the wife, throw in hop sack, go potty, hang to cool, add hops, dry hop. 20 min invested tops. Some people dont sanitize hop sacks, I suggest you do.
  17. Ive had a few, so let me just ask.  311 the band?  I grew up listening to that stuff.  Music is such a good album.  Started with the self titles album and left around Transitions, was that the name? 

    1. youdontknowme311


      Haha Yep 311 is my favorite band. Transistor is what you're thinking of... great record but the blue album is my all time favorite.

  18. Talked about it for awhile now and I finally am at a point where it make sense to try lagers. Brewing at my house and my buddys so I deemed his house the Ale House and mine the Lager House. Just wanted to discuss some things to make sure I fully understand what to do. This is me talking through this, and by talking I mean typing... duh. This is for at least a 5 gallon batch. Not wasting my time for a 2 gallon lager batch. Step One - Make a yeast starter, never done one before but Im sure I can manage one. Need the yeast to be at max potential, You need Iron Man, not just Tony Starks Step Two - Brew. Do everything in my power for a clear beer. Irish Moss / whirlfloc and a proper cold break are a must. Step Three - Pitch yeast between 60 and 65 for maximum yeast activity and then bring it down to the ideal temp for the strain of yeast. Step Four - After about 7-10 days raise up to 62 degrees for a diactyl rest which will last 3 days. 7-10 days may vary, ideally when yeast is still active but on the tail end of fermentation. Approx 75% to FG goal. The DR makes the yeast eat the undesirable chemicals they produced during fermentation. Step Five - Rack into Secondary. Should be around 62 degrees, then lower to 35 degrees dropping 5 degrees every day. Could drop at a quicker pace however lagers take time and you may as well just be patient. Dont want to shock the yeast. Step Six - Lager. Lager as close to freezing without actually freezing. 35 is cool. Lager for 6-8 weeks for a 1.060 OG beer. Good rule of thumb is 1 week per every 8-10 points of OG. ie. 1.040 would be 4 weeks, 1.050 would be approx 5 weeks etc. Step Seven - Bottle that Batch. Your yeast has been so well dropped out of suspension that you will need to add new yeast when bottling. Sounds like a lot of work but if you batch prime its no big deal. Boil your priming solution as normal and when it gets down to an acceptable temp then add about 1/3 package (11.5 gram) of a clean Ale yeast like Safale US-04 or Nottingham. Start siphoning lager into your bottling bucket and add priming / yeast solution shortly after starting siphoning. Bottle like normal. Step Eight - Condition. Now youve got ale yeast in action so condition at approx 63 degrees for at least 2 weeks. Refrigerate and drink three days later when the CO2 is absorbed. Takes about 10 weeks by my calculation. Thats only 3 more weeks than an ale. Theres a reason why Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, Busch Light, and every other mainstream commercial beer sells so damn well. They are lagers. They are crisp, clean and well carbed. Totally worth the extra 3 weeks. At least thats what Im going to keep telling myself. This is only realistic with a temp controller. I have a separate digital temp controller and a fridge dedicated to lagers. Changing the set point of the temp controller is easy, waiting is the hard part. Sound good? Anything I missed? I like bocks and maibocks and especially kellerbier. Totally worth my extra time
  19. How much is honey by you? I was going to make a 5 gallon batch of mead just cuz it sounded easy and it would've costed me easily $60-$70. Not worth it at all. I know now you only did 1 gallon, was it about $20?
  20. This is the actual Label thingy thing. 5 gallon batch size. just a guideline. Not sure if this is London enough for you. Not sure what the hell a London Brown consists of.
  21. Munich Malt or Victory? Northern Brewer Hops? I have a package right in front of me, PM recipe, steeping grains include Caravienne, Abbey, Carapils, Crystal 60 and Chocolate. Pretty sure I made a brown recipe the other day (AG) using mostly victory Malt
  22. Might as well just start buying two refills at a time and not worry about the pot size. I get no commission from this... Yours truly, MRB Creeps
  23. From the album: Yeast Farts

    So Clear you can see my keys 8 inches away
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