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  1. temp control. patience and temp control. Dont even waste your time if you cant do both unless you like ucky beer
  2. How long did you refrigerate them for before opening? Ive had beers conditioning for months and 24 hours in the fridge still yields no carb. needs at least 3 days for some brews Also I use corn sugar for batch priming and its taken longer than two weeks for bottles to firm up. by week four it seems like they firm up perfectly but also I would agree that maybe your caps are bad. Ive had that too... unfortunate.
  3. Made two experimental batches two gallons each. Breiss golden Pilsen with the following hop schedule. 1st batch 1/2 oz sorachi ace @60 3/4 oz sorachi @ 20 1/2 oz sorachi @ 10 2nd batch 1/2 oz el dorado @ 60 1/4 oz Polaris @ 20 1/2 oz of both mt hood and el dorado @ 5 min I'll let you know. Just give me two months
  4. Polaris 20.8% alpha listed as an aroma hop Mt. Hood 5.8% alpha also an aroma Sorachi ace - listed as a dual El dorado 11% also a dual Lb of each. That's 64 oz, used a total of maybe 4 oz in a total of 6 gallons today. Any suggestions on a recipe? Only ever heard of mt hood
  5. throw that stuff away, sounds terrible. Buy a new recipe. Let me drink some and tell you how it is. Then let me drink the rest
  6. Anyone in my area? Packer fans? Hinterland? Titletown? Badger State? Ale asylum? New Galrus? Lakefront? am I missing any?
  7. This is my beer diary. to re-create perfection you must take notes
  8. This Founders Centennial IPA Im drinking is extremely bitter to me. Its rated at 65 IBU's Founders Double Trouble is rated at 86 and it doesnt bother me at all. Josh R taught me something tonight. Im going to print that post off, and the link and keep it in my brew diary. Endless knowledge on this forum
  9. Gonna have to let this Batch age for a bit. Calculated on Qbrew (shout out to Rick Beer) came out to 139 IBU's... LOL didnt taste that bitter at bottling. Well see.
  10. How come it doesnt calculate the IBU's when you put in a MB HME for grains? Would be nice to know
  11. Dude!!! Your #3 and #4 nozzles are on the wrong LBKs!!! Did you look? Be honest, I got you a little
  12. Imagine if you will... February, Green Bay WI... A foot of snow staring at you, your snow blower idling in anticipation. Youre thinking "Shoot, its cold out here... Better get a bottle of my very own Snowblower Bourbon Batch" That sir is the exact scenario for which I used some bourbon. I have (9) 16 oz bottles with bourbon and (37) 12 oz bottles w/o to compare. I was on the fence about the bourbon until I had a Hinterland "White Out" White IPA from bourbon barrels. High IBU and High ABV, It made me a believer
  13. I ended up taking 9 16 oz bottles and adding a shot of bourbon to them. I'll wait at least two months before cracking one of those babies As far as taste at bottling I thought it was very smooth and not overly hoppy. I was also drinking a Founders Centennial IPA while bottling so maybe my hop tastebuds were distorted.
  14. I just bottled mine last night and it tasted freaking great!!! I went with the original posted hop schedule but no dry hopping (cuz I forgot). Didn't you say yours tasted great at bottling too? You're getting me nervous Took a FG reading and came up with 6.04 abv, then this morning I realized that was with my priming sugar in already... Say maybe I'm at 6.2??? No idea.
  15. I just bottled a batch last night that I fermented at 65 for two weeks and then took out of the fermentation fridge. Basement is at about 62 degrees so on the basement floor it was at about 60.5 for that last week. 05 yeast, tasted great at bottling, like really good... I listened to a podcast once where a guy from Bells said they lower some of their IPAs to 62 for the last few days.
  16. 1 ltr bottles, one shot of smooth whiskey in a few bottles. What do you think Sabres? Appropriate?
  17. Dude... Thats freaking crazy. Seriously? Amarillo Hops
  18. I cant help you with the cost... However, I will say that I just bottled the same recipe tonight and it tasted amazing. not worth your $60 cost but gosh darn, Im excited for four weeks from now
  19. I don't understand how someone reharvests yeast when theres hops and grains in the trub. I have this link that I book marked but I still am assuming the hops will affect the next batch. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=41768 Also, once upon a time I found this magical site that had a full list of yeasts and a drop down menu for what beer your brewing. When you chose your beer it would update the yeasts and tell you how they would affect the flavor of your beer. Anyone even seen that? I should've book marked it when I had it...
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