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  1. One would imagine the PM recipes would be cheaper than normal recipes however, unless they're changing their HME sizes for those recipes I'd think they'll actually be more expensive? This is very exciting none the less
  2. Adding on to my post last night, try some grains in a batch. It makes it taste less like an extract batch and more like a professional by brewed beer
  3. Some will disagree but I have never had that taste with anything that had a 60 min boil. Not saying it won't happen but 5 gallon batches have put a stop to that for me. I I don't know exactly what you're doing but I believe you're fermenting at the right temp and pitching at the right temp cuz you say so. try a hop boil next with a 2 gallon batch and see how that helps
  4. http://www.morebeer.com/themes/morewinepro/kegging.pdf i like this one a lot. Really explains everything well
  5. If from now everyone could respond to my questions by showing me a chart, I'd be a happy person. This is most helpful thank you
  6. No but you could... Technically. I think as long as you have whirlfloc or Irish miss and have a good cold break I don't see why you couldn't. I would go more like 2 weeks maybe for IPAs but nothing earlier than that. Ive proven to myself that 4 weeks vs 2 weeks on my last pale ale made a huge difference. However, I would think stouts and high ABV should be longer or just bottled
  7. So... What about those hundreds of videos on you tube of people force carbing so they can drink their beer almost immediately? How about you say something more like "try waiting 2 weeks for IPAs and longer for higher ABV" or something rickbeer classic like "you never stated what beers you're brewing, how can we suggest anything without such vital info?"
  8. I'm kegging now and I was thinking about the benefits of bottling and of kegging. what beers would you keg and drink 3-4 days after fermentation and what ones would you bottle and drink 4 weeks later? So far every beer I've kegged I've also bottled a sixer and the sixer is a lot more balanced out and hops seems much smoother 4 weeks later. Just wondering if anyone who has kegged has a preference as what to keg and what to bottle.
  9. First sip of my first brew (2 weeks fermenting and 2 weeks conditioning) all I could think of was apple cider vinegar. It wasn't infected just rushed. When you brew this weekend, be clean, pitch your yeast at the right temp and maintain stable fermentation temps. Those three things equal good beer, patience is assumed.
  10. From the album: Yeast Farts

    Bottled and kegged some American Amber Ale from MoreBeer! Tasted amazing at bottling
  11. From the album: Yeast Farts

    Got my 10lb CO2 today!!!!!
  12. From the album: Yeast Farts

    El Diablo Pale Ale, smooth, 5 minutes later the bitterness hits you. #briessbrewing
  13. I saw a video on YouTube last night where the dude put 3 muntons drops in a 12 oz bottle. I was like "DONT DO THAT!!!!!!" Then I realized he can't hear me and they must be smaller. I bought some mangrove Jack drops and I've been using them the same as mr beers. One would assume coopers would be the same eh?
  14. Hijacking this thread cuz that what I do. Anyone disagree with one drop and half a sugar cube for a 22 oz bottle of Amber? Cubes are 4 grams. I find carb drops don't cut perfectly in my pill cutter cuz they're more of a tear drop shape and don't split evenly.
  15. I use one drop per 12 oz bottle. Never had a problem. Is that what you're asking?
  16. 2-2 Instructions are to make beer 3-4 is to make good beer!!!
  17. Drops and sugar cubes are the easiest to work with
  18. Usually Saturday and Sunday morning. Me and @HoppySmile!
  19. so can a guy steep some honey malt and get the flavor he's looking for out of a 2 gallon batch? How much is reccomended for a 2 gallon batch?
  20. Now I need to research what I need a yeast nutrient for...
  21. I usually use fermentis, so I have multiple MB yeast packets in my fridge doing nothing. Can I use them for anything else? Beer and non beer related
  22. Interesting, I wonder what is gained from first wort hopping? Maybe an extra boost of bitterness? Seems like I should do a little research on this...
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