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  1. wait a minute... is that... what I think it is? THE PERFECT MEATLOAF PAN!!!!!!
  2. Patience gets easier once you have finished product to drink. I also have a chart on my fridge that says when something was brewed and when it hits 3 weeks. And also when it was bottled and when that will hit 4 weeks. Keeps my from going to my beer diary and then the calendar, and by then I've already decided that I now deserve a test bottle so I prematurely put one in the fridge... Smallest violin, I know, home brewers have it so tough
  3. 6 oz???? In one batch in an LBK??? What the heck are you brewing? "Kill you with hops IPA"? Give me one
  4. If you just take the word steep and replace them all with the word boil, then I'd agree. But I think you've Brewed more batches than me so who am I to say
  5. I was looking at a toppling Goliath pseudo sue clone and they use citra as part of the mash. Kind of had me wondering why, and if they do it why don't I start doing it?
  6. the sack... we used to have a great community member who said "Hops go Commando" its a preference thing I guess. You put the hops in a hop sack and you can pull them out or leave them in at bottling day and be left with less trub maybe? You throw the hops in without a sack and they lay at the bottom of the LBK when fermentation is complete along with the yeast. either way, same thing. id rather not pay for hop sacks I dont need. But thats just me. #Hopsgocommando #RIPSLYM Bottom line, to answer your original question, is honestly, if you dont know when to add hops then dont use them. do some research first, jumping ahead leads to dumping beer. Thats just me being honest.
  7. Using star San shaves at least 30 min off any brew day for me. The one step takes forever to dissolve. If im doing a MB recipe, no 20/60 min boil or hop stand, I'm in and out of the kitchen in 20 min. That's not proofing my yeast either. Mashing, proofing yeast, 60 min boil, and cooling wort is 3 hours for me. Then 30 to 60 minutes for clean up. Depends how energetic I feel. Usually it's 2 am I'm cleaning up cuz I have to brew when the wife is asleep cuz she can't handle the smell.
  8. Not sure why you'd waste your time. Millions of people make perfect batches without an airlock who hop the heck has an airlock on their LBK anyway? I've never seen that
  9. 5 gallons is the way to go. It's like 50 vs 20 beers if given the choice to ferment or respirate, yeast will always ferment so I don't think the extra head space will hurt you. I just refuse to accept I screwed up the batch.
  10. You absolutely can. However I will mention that I made a 2 gal batch in mine and it wasn't 100%. I blamed it on too much oxygen in the fermenter but it was probably my fault some how
  11. Well, when I think of saaz I think of a Pilsner, when I think of 7cs I think IPA so they might not pair up as well as I'm hoping but we'll see. I think cutting the 7cs in half would be a wise decision but I'm willing to bet I've lost a little AAU since I first bought them a few months ago. Screw it, it was basically a free CAL so I'm just going forward with it
  12. I have a bunch of hops in the house but I have Saaz, 7c's and some Centennial in loose bags in the fridge and they NEED to get used. Both hops have the words spicy and earthy in them so that was enough to sell me. Not sure what to do with the 1/2 oz of Centennial left though. Not really the biggest fan of Centennial.
  13. Chuck that sucker in the boiling water for 5 minutes and youll be alright. Star San is also great because its supposed to be sanitized after only one minute as long as the surface remains wet the entire time. Pick up a bottle of that, itll last you forever. Im a big fan of making a big batch of sanitizer and doing as much as I can with it. I had my buddys saving bottles for me too. After awhile I figured out what brands work the best and I just ditched the rest. If anyone lives in WI try New Glarus and Titletown. Otherwise New Belgium fall off with just hot water after 10 minutes. I dont mess around with 12 oz labels that are hard to get off but Ill go to great lengths to clean my 22 oz bottles.
  14. American Smooth Honey Ale ------------------------- Brewer: Style: Classic American Pilsner Batch: 2.20 galExtract Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.052 OG Recipe Bitterness: 36 IBU Recipe Color: 3° SRM Estimated FG: 1.013 Alcohol by Volume: 5.0% Alcohol by Weight: 3.9% Ingredients ----------- Honey 0.75 lb, Sugar, Other Mr. Beer BrewMax Smooth - LME 0.56 lb, Extract, Extract Mr. Beer/Coopers Classic American Light1.87 lb, Extract, Extract Falconers Flight 7c's- Aroma - Strong Fruit and citrus with layers of spicy nd earthty overtones1.00 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Mr. Beer/Coopers Classic American Light1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes Saaz (Czech) - Noble hop variety. Very spicy, cinnamon-like and earthy. recommended for Bohemian Pilsners and German and American Lagers0.50 oz, Pellet, 20 minutes Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast 1.00 unit, Yeast, American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS Notes ----- Recipe Notes: Batch Notes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Might try this one out tomorrow. I have all these ingredients on hand. Its a lot of 7c's but I need to get rid of them before they go bad, not worth a freezer bag. I have a booster laying around too but I think Ill hold off. This is CAL from a kit I found at Target for $12. How does it look?
  15. As long as I have a stove, a pot and a whisk, Ill be brewing there too
  16. From the album: Yeast Farts

    I have 8 lbs of hops in my freezer. Ridiculous but true
  17. I got this too then. My wife says all the time brewing is all I ever think about. Last weekend she listed off 20 things she wanted to do that weekend and I was like "uh,huh, sound good. By the way Im brewing tonight" which of course was followed by "Didnt you hear anything that I just said?" Ofcourse not, Im thinking about what hops to use with what HME tonight.. duh
  18. Well you have about 700 people on the forum that would buy it in a heart beat. DO IT!!!! I think you have great insight and know a lot of things that 90% of us would never think of. How this affects that and how flavors would pair together. That's real knowledge. Ill pre order as soon as you say I can. Take my money
  19. So.... You do all the hard work and I can just come and steal your knowledge and you're ok with that??? That's awesome. If only you could put years of brewing experience in a document for me
  20. That is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. I printed it and it shall go in my beer diary, and I will cherish it. Thank you.
  21. Is there a list somewhere that states what yeast strain does what to beer. And what styles theyre typically used for? Flavor Profiles etc?
  22. Can't not quote once you pick "quote" Started by RickBeer, Sunday at 11:35 AM thats a double negative statement. Which is grammatically incorrect. FYI, #grammarnazi
  23. 12 lbs of two row. Recreating my favorite IPA recipe but going all grain this time
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