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  1. I just bottled a batch last night that I fermented at 65 for two weeks and then took out of the fermentation fridge. Basement is at about 62 degrees so on the basement floor it was at about 60.5 for that last week. 05 yeast, tasted great at bottling, like really good... I listened to a podcast once where a guy from Bells said they lower some of their IPAs to 62 for the last few days.
  2. 1 ltr bottles, one shot of smooth whiskey in a few bottles. What do you think Sabres? Appropriate?
  3. Dude... Thats freaking crazy. Seriously? Amarillo Hops
  4. I cant help you with the cost... However, I will say that I just bottled the same recipe tonight and it tasted amazing. not worth your $60 cost but gosh darn, Im excited for four weeks from now
  5. I don't understand how someone reharvests yeast when theres hops and grains in the trub. I have this link that I book marked but I still am assuming the hops will affect the next batch. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=41768 Also, once upon a time I found this magical site that had a full list of yeasts and a drop down menu for what beer your brewing. When you chose your beer it would update the yeasts and tell you how they would affect the flavor of your beer. Anyone even seen that? I should've book marked it when I had it...
  6. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Thank you!!! I wasn't seeing certain hops and things too. Fixed everything
  7. New to Qbrew. Anyone have a chart translating MRB HME into grain specifics I can put into Qbrew? Looking for WDA for this specific recipe
  8. Same here, I have my controller set to 65. I check it every day and it's spot on. The brew de ale ze bub is sitting right next next to it. They must've been goofing off and things got out of control. That's the only thing I can think of
  9. Shouldnt have blew. Well, 1.060 is pretty high, Itll be the highest ABV beer Ive brewed so far. And highest IBUs by far.
  10. Nm it was 11.5 grams of yeast. Had to dig the package out of the garbage to be sure.
  11. I did the same except I have mine in a glass carboy. OG was 1.060
  12. Brewed on Friday night, woke up Saturday to a very nice start of krausen. Sunday morning woke up to find my blow off tube couldn't handle the load and my fermentation fridge has krausen all over it. Blow off blew right off... Hopefully it wasn't exposed for too long.
  13. What's a good stout yeast that's not a liquid. I can only find Irish ale yeast that's liquid. Sad face
  14. I just brewed the original recipe from the first post. I waited a few weeks to do this one and I don't think I'll be disappointed. Wife says the whole house stinks, I think it smells wonderful. Thanks for the recipe
  15. Oh and I almost guarantee your yeast is dead
  16. I hydrate my yeast all the time. I recommend at the beginning of brew day microwaving a cleaned and sterilized measuring cup of water until boiling. Cover with a sterilized piece of aluminum foil in the fridge. Brew your beer and drop a little LME or HME in the glass. Then check the temp of the measuring cup water. If it's too high, then I make an ice bath and use it for my wort and measuring cup. Obviously keep an eye on the temp so it doesn't get too cold while its in the fridge or ice bath. Keep it covered the whole time it's cooling down. Then chuck the yeast in and watch for a slight foam. No stirring yet. I watch for foam and a little cloud in the measuring cup wort as the yeast falls to the bottom. If you get any of that after 10 or so minutes then you're good. Pitch and wait.
  17. I only notice this with overcarbed beer. If I do it right then I agree with you
  18. Here's what I know: my beers that have been on the high side of carbonation only should be in the fridge for three days prior to drinking. The longer they sit in the cold, the more head I get when I pour. Now, I have had a batch of CAL in my fridge for months now and that stuff gets better and better. Carbonation seems about the same as earlier bottles. I'll honestly say too that after 4 months or so, the green apple taste had reduced. I took a beer I had bottles and chilled for 2 months or so vs the same batch that was room temp for 2 months, cracked them both and the cold one fizzed right out of the bottle while the warm one did barely anything.
  19. Will I overflow my LBK with all that malt? MB stout and 3.3 breiss?
  20. Here's what I'm thinking 1 can of Irish stout 1 smooth soft pack 2 oz of cocoa nibs 1 oz E Kent goldings Really thinking about skipping the soft pack and dumping in another Irish stout HME or a breiss 3.3 lb can of porter or something else. Get that baby all kinds of blood warming for the winter. Any thoughts? Brewing in a few days
  21. Did my first hop stand today actually after some studying last night. Made the brew de ale ze bub with the 1/2 oz of centennial hops. Did a 45 minute hop stand at about 170 degrees give or take. Really liked the process. I thought it slowed down brew day a bit and allowed me plenty of time to proof my yeast and watch the packers lose. Might have thought of slym once or twice and said to myself "hops go commando"
  22. try buying another LBK and batch priming with corn sugar. Beats shoving sugar cubes down Bottle necks and I think batch priming is easier too. plus LBKs are only $10. use the screwy brewer calculator. And then you have another LBK... I mean, isnt that amazing in itself??? Oh and read Rickbeer's signatures, duh
  23. SOB.... I'm looking for the perfect way to end the green apple taste. To be honest, I've had 2 batches recently that taste like straight sugar water. They fermented and everything but as soon as I popped the top I knew I was screwed. Which leads me to one of the most important things I've learned so far : taste your beer from your final hydrometer reading. I would've save a lot of time had I done that with those two batches I'm pitching my yeast at the right temp, fermenting at the right temp for three weeks. Starting to think it has something to do with my water or something. Clearly it has nothing to do with me since I'm nearly perfect
  24. But also is whirl floc the answer to my problems? I was going to make a MB recipe and I want to go get some as long as I know how to use it in an HME recipe
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