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  1. that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Fist bump to you my friend
  2. This is like my dream. I need this BK in my life asap. Think of the possibilities!!!! Same styles with different hops or yeasts even... Amazon Xmas list being created tonight
  3. Can't I just pop it open, shove a half a cube in there and cap it back up? I do have 45 beers to do it to...
  4. My last batch was my first using a siphon. It was awesome!!!! So easy and all I did was put it in soapy water after and pump the heck out of it. Recommending that for sure This was a 5 gallon batch though. For normal 2 gallon batches I just just towards me. The new LBKs are slightly bigger as far as opening goes.
  5. People actually open up the bottles and dump more sugar in right? Are you supposed to add a little more or add what you should've in the beginning? If that makes sense. I have an under carbed batch too
  6. Y'all use a website to figure your ibu's and what not? Or is this a software?
  7. Great thanks guys. Brewing that up next. Then I'm almost all out of extract... Never thought I'd see the day
  8. I feel your pain. Make sure you're controlling the temp of the wort and not just the ambient air. Do you proof your yeast. It's like giving the yeasties 30 cans of redbull before they do their job. Are you aerating your wort before pitching the yeast? It helps reduce fermentation problems. Out of my first six batches only one has tasted like a real commercialized beer. Big hopes for batches 9 & 10 though.
  9. How do you feel about the same recipe but Smooth Soft packs instead of Robust? That would be an excellent way to use my last 2 cans of WDA.
  10. Rickbeer and I are thinking of starting a brewpub (because were best friends and what not) and we need someone to hand out towels and cologne in the mens room. Im thinking slym2none has a perfect personality for this position!
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