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  1. Took a screen shot of that! I'm going to make that after I use up all my winter dark. I'll let you know how it comes out. Getting a thermostat to turn my keggerator into a fermenter this week.
  2. Any extract recipes for a good kellerbier? New glarus in WI makes a great on with Yokel and I think Sierra Nevada has a kellerwies which was amazing.
  3. That was titletown brewery, pretty much the greatest place on earth. They just started selling their beer in stores too. Their johnny blood red beer is in my top 5 beers of all time
  4. You're about my age, if you're in the GB area hit me up. I'll tell you some bars with massive beer menus. I'm sure milwaukee has them too but it's nice to know a good spot when in a different city. Btw I have no input on the original topic of the post. Sorry
  5. Right before I moved to milwaukee I read it was rated number one in the US for car jackings, bought some brass knuckles. Good city, cool like minneapolis just a little dirtier.
  6. My first batch was CAL and my dad really liked it (blatz drinker) so I decided to make another batch as a social beer. You see what happened is I thought all cans of extract were the same. I'm new, pardon my ignorance. I'm just here to learn. I read the forums daily and every post and every new batch teaches me so much. I'll be a MB brewer for a long time.
  7. Right on the edge by Wauwatosa. 49th and galena. Born and raised in GB. We have friends in Milwaukee still but don't get down near enough.
  8. Hey man! I'm up in Green Bay. Lived in Milwaukee for two years. Nice to see a fellow sconnie
  9. Second batch. Picked up some extract because I thought I had it all figured out. Batch three and four in the fermenters right now are CAL and the winter dark ale. Are you still excited about the dented cans? I assure you im not here with bad intentions
  10. Thank you, learning curve I guess. Batch two might be a sink beer. I was going to let it sit a few months and see if it was any better. Sounds like I'm dumping it
  11. I added yeast. If I'm completely honest I don't know what kind it was and it sat in my truck for a week. Probably some 80 degree days plus or minus. Dont remember seeing krausen because I never checked.
  12. So I went to the homebrew store and picked up some malt extract and brewed it up. I did everything right, as far as I know. The problem is that I bought pure malt extract and didn't hop it. Drinking it right now and it is sweet as sweet can be. I fermented it for three weeks and took an early sneak peek at two weeks conditioning. So my question... Is it so sweet because the hops never bittered it, or is it sweet beacuse I didn't ferment it long enough? Traditional dark ale
  13. Here's the questions that run through my head during the day as I try to focus at my normal 9-5. 1) I saw the thread on the cider beers however I didn't see anyone ask if you can use the LBK for the cider mixes. There's a separate keg for the ciders, is that necessary? 2) why MUST I use a stainless steel boiling pot? I have one but I don't have two and I feel that two will be necessary at some point. 3) Is all grain brewing cheaper than with the extracts? Obviously each recipe is different but I'm saying same beer brewed two different ways. Which is cheaper? 4) is there somewhere on the MB website that has 6 gallon recipes? I haven't seen it 5) if I condition in Amber bottles and the LBK is brown, why is the brew max line clear? Are my lights in the basement harming my beer at this very moment? 6) how do I spend $50 on that Johnson controls thermostat for my mini fridge with out my wife finding out? Does she have any idea how awesome that thing is?!? I could fit my LBK and 6 gal fermenter in there! Maybe these all could have been seperate threads...
  14. I just did it, quick like a band aid. Ill let you know in 6 weeks of it affected it
  15. First time brewing a 6 gallon batch. My question is... Do I have to remove the krausen collar? I'm a little nervous to disturb my brew. Today is day 3 and I think I'm getting to the now or never point.
  16. So josh r you recommend cold crash then move to room temp before bottling? I'm just looking to reduce trub
  17. I may just add slightly less sugar. My last beer made me a bit burpy... Thanks for the help yall
  18. So I learned if I choose to change my amount of sugar based on temp, the colder i bottle the less sugar i add. That seem about right?
  19. I'm going to try cold crashing my first batch of beer this week. It's a "traditional dark" beer. I heard that how much sugar i add depends on what temp my beer is at when bottled. I plan on refrigerating it for a full 24 hours and immediately bottling. Any idea how much sugar I should add for a 1 liter bottle assuming beer is around 34 degrees?
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