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  1. pH strips are kind of garbage. I bought a pack, used them once and have never used them since. Garbage
  2. Lol, i dont mean a literal ounce, i just mean the measure of an oz. and not at all those times. One addition at 60, one at flameout and one at dry hop. But really were saying the same thing, im just complicating it. If i say go oz for oz with the same AA hop, and youre saying go ibu for ibu, isnt that really the same end result? Im just trying to drive home the fact that bittering with columbus vs citra (off the top of my head those ones i believe are both around 14%?) youll get completely different results. Sorry for complicating this easy experiment
  3. I agree with you fully. But one of the most important lessons I learned is how different hops bitter even though they are the same AA. Bitter with an oz of warrior vs cascade. You know what i mean? Then after you understand that hops can have similar stats but completely different results, then maybe go ibu for ibu. Thats my thinking at least
  4. Just brew the exact same beer substituting citra for cascade. Oz for oz. then try amarillo, simcoe, mosaic, el dorado, hull melon, saaz, anything you want. Youre just looking to get a better understanding of that hops flavors. Use it at 60 min, flameout and dry hop.
  5. Theres two kinds of wands, spring and gravity. Gravity sucks, spring is awesome.
  6. I devoted a bit of this morning to finding a Saint Arnold Art Car clone. No real luck. Then I remembered my favorite podcast, the session. They interview breweries and ask them about their beers all the time! Learning is fun!!! Sometimes
  7. I do two weeks quite often but i also keg, different world. I can always pull the prv if i have to. Anywho, i dont take readings either but I generally go at least a week after i see all the krausen collapse as long as my temps are good.
  8. I like my yeast like I like my women, a little on the trashy side... no but for real. I like US-05 but I also like the esters that 04 provides. I like to taste my yeast.
  9. This is more for me than for you: This is my to do list this weekend Harvest London Ale III Yeast: Clean Mason Jars Pick up new mason jar lids Sanitize Jars Harvest Yeast Dry Hop Black IPA: Harvest Yeast Measure Hops Drop in Hops Raise to 68 Rack Wild Botulism Ale into secondary: Wait a long time Clean 2 one gallon Carboys Find a tube for the transfer Find bungs for carboys Sanitize Rack Brew a kettle soured beer????
  10. 05. Did i win the lifetime giveaway????? Way more versatile. Probably the most common strain of yeast in the US
  11. First thing I suggest is immediately setting up your equipment profile otherwise it’s just going to be a headache later down the line. After that, its a piece of cake. Mobile or desktop version?
  12. The best part about them is that they have low prices and a reward system. Most of my big purchases are done through them so that I can go buy little things for free later
  13. Lactic acid or acidulated malt for pH adjustment. I believe that gypsum also lowers the pH but is undesirable in certain styles. This is what i rock. Also you could ads chalk to the list.
  14. That makes more sense. Then i really dont blame you for making a starter. If you remember a few days ago i said the most important tip for a intermediate brewer was to assure yeast health. A starter is an absolute great thing to do in almost every liquid yeast batch.
  15. If youre asking if you over pitched, the most common answer is no. People say its nearly impossible to over pitch on a home brew level. I kinda have my own feelings but who cares about me. Youll know if you over pitch because you may get a slight lingering sulfur quality to the beer. I would ask what yeast you used. I rarely make a starter though i do believe it is a good idea. For a 3 gallon batch, one pure pitch or smack pack would be enough unless its older yeast. I would just say that you had a vigorous fermentation, which is a good thing. You want that yeast to be happy and rip through the wort.
  16. I dont believe in magic. It has to be science. Theres no way i just add some powder and it goes to 5.2 no matter what. It just doesnt make sense!!! Sorry, i just cant believe it. Im calling 5 star
  17. Im sorry to tell you but you may be on the naughty list... i hope you have a birthday soon
  18. Sounds like you have a brew day coming up... i do the same thing when i have grains that have just been sitting around too long. Throw them in a kettle and work with what you have. Possibly you could post what you have laying around in the choose my brew thread and we can all have a go at what would be a good brew?
  19. One of these days id really like to sit down, look at my water profile for my area and let that tell me what beer styles i can brew without any adjustments. Milwaukee is home of some great lagers, but i know i dont have the same source as them. As far as I known that is. Im a big fan of using the elements that your supplied. Find styles that fit you water profile and brew beers based on the seasons. No water chemistry, no temp control, wouldnt that be nice???
  20. First of all, i dont believe a fridge is the best place to store grains. You want a dry, cool place. A fridge is moist, unless they are in a vacuum sealed bag id pull them out. Heres what i would say, assuming the dry, cool storage. Otherwise you can get a musty flavor and decreased efficiency. Cracked grains- use asap, prob no longer than a few weeks with out problems whole grains- up to a year. Asap is always better but a few months will be no problem, a year at most. hops are affected by time, temp, and light. Freeze them in a vacuum sealed bag. These too will diminish, the degree depends on the variety. BeerSmith has a nice tool built in to the recipe builder which takes into acct the age of hops. The flavor will change also. Lets say columbus hops, they have great flavors to begin but as they age they can give off flavors of onion and clove, most hops may get a grassy taste over time.
  21. Both these tools are only available on the desktop version along with so many other great tools. Truly everything is taken care of for you This is the water profile tool. You can just have one profile or dilute with another to hit a target profile. Click add salts and they transfer to the recipe youre working on. So easy you don't even have to think, just do it Heres the pH screen. Itll estimate your mash pH but you can also add a lb of acidulated malt or some lactic acid. The amount of acid is so small I just use malt. A pile of dead bodies recipe was not chosen at random... @Big Sarge
  22. Standard refill online says 5% with two boosters.
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