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  1. well... you had a can of MRB HME, lets say that's 4.5% with out boosters. Add 8 oz LME would bring you up to around 5%. The sugar will bring you up to about 8%. That was a lot of sugar to add. I just brewed a batch 5x your size and I only used about 10 oz of corn sugar. you wont have bottle bombs unless you bottle it too early. make sure you go the full 3 weeks in the LBK. All you did is make a light bodied beer even lighter while increasing the ABV assuming your fermentation goes well. No biggie, 8% is a bit much for me but maybe youll love it. Next time skip the sugar and do some calculations before throwing things into your brew kettle. Try to understand what ingredients do before adding them too. When I started brewing I made a 3.3lb lme batch with like 4 lbs of carapils cuz everyone on here says its so nice. That was not a very good idea but I drank the beer anyway
  2. I have to transfer my wild ale into two gallon carboys from my lbk, i think ill just use my mini auto siphon after reading this thread. Then ill probably just throw it away. I ordered it on accident a long time ago
  3. Chuck your old yeast in the boil, yeast die, nutrients live on. Nutrients are always a good idea. No change in flavor I would say to the intermediate brewer: “if you’re experiencing any problems with your beers, it’s probably due to your yeast health”. A vigorous fermentation and yeast that will attenuate like it’s supposed to will almost always yield in an excellent beer. I add nutrients to all my brews and can honestly say ive noticed a much faster start to fermentation
  4. Will your beer ferment if you just dump in the yeast without rehydration? Absolutely is it better to acclimate the yeast to a slightly less overwhelming environment? Absolutely ive rehydrated and noticed extremely fast lag phase. Like, 5 hours after pitching, ive had almost full krausen. i rehydrate for danstar but not for fermentis... not sure why
  5. I think this is the episode im looking for. One of the few episodes i listened to again after it was done. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/beersmith-home-and-beer-brewing-podcast/id398500515?mt=2&i=1000390524145
  6. I have not. Ive heard it mentioned more and more in recent podcasts ive listened to. Maybe i should buy a lb and check it out. I have a few lbs of hops in the freezer but is enough really ever enough???
  7. Ok, i have a confession. Last brew day I planned on adding 2 oz of Columbus hops to my mash, however, i did not because the mash was quite thick already. So now im looking for more hops to add to the dry hop. I already have 1 oz of wamiea, mosaic and cascade ready to go. However, i was looking for one more hop to use and all i really have are cluster and willamette. Thankfully the beer gods put 9 oz of citra hops in my hands earlier today. So ill at least add 1 oz of those too. Everything happens for a reason
  8. FYI @Cato i do not believe that 5.2 mash stabilizater will just magically make your mash 5.2. From my limited experience I would think that you have to get your mash in that range and then if you add the stabilizer it will try to lock in the pH. I would assume that this product raises the alkalinity in the water. Alkalinity is the measure of how resistant your pH is to change. Ive used this product before and found it made my lager have a slight salty taste. That eventually did fade over time. Very mixed reviews of this online
  9. Got these in the mail today!!! A free gift for renewing my aha membership. Promo code BN2018 i do believe. Super excited to give these a read


  10. Funny thing. I brewed a black ipa last weekend. I wanted a nice sweetness to the finished product. Traditionally you would use a north west yeast strain, but i went with london ale III because i wanted some english fruity sweet flavors. Turns out, london III attenuates more than northwest ale yeast... SOB
  11. Anyone on here have any insight as to a good digital pH tester?
  12. OMG, ive been in this forum for 5 years. I feel like a jedi. When someone posts a question, i just sit back and wait and then “boom” the exact response that i was anticipating comes. You can see it coming.
  13. 3 zombies partial mash kit- $35 divided over your 19 bottles- $1.84 per bottle / $11.04 per sixer 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust is probably like $14 for a sixer? I’m guessing thats $2.33 per bottle. Not bad my ipa I’m brewing tonight cost me $3.12 per six pack. Let’s just say that a sixer of two hearted is $10? I just bought a crap ton of beer from Tavour for approx $18 for a sixer. Im just kinda typing out loud right now. Following along at home.
  14. When i was dreaming of owning a brewery / bakery i really liked that you could just hoist out the basket and set it on something and wheel it over to the bakery.
  15. https://www.cobrewingsystems.com/collections/complete-brewing-systems/products/nano-brewer-dual-professional-brewing-system-100-200-and-300-gallon-versions they have a 10 bbl BIABasket professional system
  16. I’ll say $1.15 per lb of grain= $28.75 columbus hops were home grown so I’ll say they were free even though the time and labor certainly would argue that cascade hops were free, pays to go to events and what not golding hops I’ll say $5 $20 for a lb of mosaic comes out to $2.25 for this batch throw in $5 to cover water chemistry and whirlfloc yeast was approx $14 Grand total- $55 its a 10 gallon batch- 1280 $0.04296 per ounce, $0.52 per 12 oz pour. $3 for a sixer, $12 per case
  17. Pretty excited for Saturday’s brew day. I’m gonna try to go as simple as possible. Kettle, grain basket, hop basket, plate chiller. That’s it. No pumps, no sparge, no whirlpool. Let’s try simple for a change
  18. Ive waited, and i bit my tongue but now i will speak. I agree with @RickBeer. If you’re getting into homebrewing and you want to mimick bud light or coors, youre better off buying it in the store for the ridiculous cheap price. Wasnt this hobby a way for beer lovers to make the beers that they couldnt just run out to the store and buy? I get that these days its hard to not be able to find any style of beer in the liquor store but then most times i can brew any style for a fraction of the cost of the craft beer mark up. I guess i should mind my own business. Maybe the OP was asking because he wants to make a beer that he can share with others and be proud that he can make an easy drinking beer like a bud light. I did the same thing when i started so i could drink my homebrew with my father who has cheap taste. Im just sayin that if a person enters this hobby soley to brew a bud light like beer then theyre going to find out in a hurry that it is not economical, especially with MRB prices to do so and that person will more than likely leave the hobby quickly. Brew what makes you happy, youre the one drinking it, just be realistic in your expectations.
  19. Thata right, i think thats when he was working at miller that he was talking about switching over. i did hear on a different podcast that sierra nevada is experimenting heavily with cryo hops
  20. I tried to just do the investigation but let someone else guess. Heres the problem with that. @Bonsai & Brew posted this around 8 or 9 pm right? Thats when all you old men drink your warm milk, take your liver pills and head to bed. Meanwhile im slaving away at work and at 1am when i got home i was delighted to have a little game to play. You guys were sleeping, i was winning. Go me
  21. Im 90% sure even sierra nevada doesnt use whole leaf hops anymore. Was it Mitch Steele who used to work there? Whoever it was, I listened to a podcast with him and he was talking about the transition of moving to pellet hops
  22. Ive always been told not to eat the crystal malts. Theyre hard as a rock i thought. At least thats what a Briess rep told me at homebrew con. Now vienna and pale malt and golden promise, me and my son snack on a kernel before i mill it. Good bonding experiences
  23. Everyone is aware that you should read your pH at room temp right. You can read it when its warm but there’s a number you subtract to get a better idea. I think its a 1/3 of a point or something like that
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