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  1. You demonstrated the proper use of a comma and conjunction in joining two independent clauses. I'd say that is a good contribution!
  2. Maybe this could be a new Mr. Beer recipe: Cat's Ass Ale!
  3. So finally after weeks and weeks of waiting, my first round has been conditioned and i put one in the fridge for 3 days. This was the batch made with slightly out of date HME. The bottled that I chilled had the apricot extract in it. First, when I popped the top (ok, twisted off the top), I got that beautiful sounding pffizzt! of opening a commercial beer. Yay! Carbonation worked! Maybe a little too much! My first taste, I noticed it was a bit bubbly tasting. Not like champagne bubbly, but still had a little tickle to it. That's fine. I used the carbo drops and didn't fill the bottles as much as I should have. Next, the taste. Yes, there was that tale-tell molasses flavor of old HME, which was to be expected. However, I didn't notice any apricot, which is surprising since I think I put too much in at bottling. Probably fighting with the molasses taste. Also, it did feel like something was missing. I didn't add the booster since it was rock solid and I had no LME to add. I'm betting this will improve things my next go around (I have the Bavarian kit waiting to go). Overall, the taste wasn't bad. It's drinkable. I didn't sip it and go "UGH WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?", so that's a good sign. I didn't have high hopes for this batch anyway, so I'm rather pleased with the outcome. Last, the buzz. I have to confess something here. I'm not a HUGE beer drinking. In my mellow old age, I like to drink for the taste and not to get wasted. That's what my first 40 years were for. I will drink 1, maybe two beers tops at a top, especially if I'm out, or else I will start "feeling" it, and I like to be responsible. That being said, half way through my glass (I poured the whole 500ml), I was getting a little kick. Woohoo! I made alcohol! So I'm probably going to use my new Bavarian kit this weekend and start the process again. I've learned a lot this first go around, and I hope to learn more with each batch. Thanks for all the input and tips! I probably would have just taken the lost of 5 bucks on the kit had it not been for the forums
  4. It seems the big trend on the boards is 3-4. Three weeks fermenting and 4 carbonating/conditioning. My first batch hits 4 weeks in the bottle on Sunday. Can't wait to pop one in the fridge for a few days and try it!
  5. I live in Florida. EVERYwhere is above 70 degrees!
  6. I'm waiting. Patiently patiently waiting.....
  7. I'm using the box the PET bottles came in to store them.
  8. So yesterday is two weeks in the bottle. I took one out and gave it the squeeze test. It wasn't rock hard. It was more like a 2-liter that has been recently opened and not much taken out - firm but still a little squishy. Is this normal? I'm using 500ml PET bottles and 1 carbo drop each.
  9. I'm collecting sammy bottles for my next go around while my first batch carbonates/conditions
  10. There were a few reasons. I know I'll eventually go to batch. I had an old style spigot that was very slow and figured putting it in a secondary container would help speed bottling up. I'm a little OCD and wanted to have the same amount of sugar in each bottle independent of how much beer I put in it. Used carbo drops for the first go. I'll probably add sugar to bottles next time. Then maybe batch? we'll see
  11. I have found memories of Michelob. When we graduated Navy bootcamp, our limo driver bought a case for us (we were under-aged, don't tell!) and we were all excited about being off base and going to Chicago. I made everyone (I think 10 of us were crammed in the limo) shut up and I said, "listen!" and cracked open the first beer. We all smiled and let out a collective "ahhhhhh." I can STILL hear the sound of that sweet sweet beer being opened some 25+ years later.....
  12. It's moot at this point as I bought the wand/spigot combo so I didn't have to use that push style anymore
  13. I had a rock solid booster in mine. Tossed it out from advice gotten from here. I did read in one of the booklets that came with my kit that you can do 1/2 booster + 3/4 cup of honey. Anyone know if you can just do straight up honey to replace booster? I saw it in the horse's ass ale recipe too. Might try that one down the line here.
  14. And the same as the one I posted... as is this! Side note... I'd watch Muppet Treasure Island even if my boys weren't watching!
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