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  1. Got a thermometer on the way. Nearest LHBS is atleast two hours away.... Gonna get a hydrometer as well
  2. I picked up the remaining North American Refills on sale today at my local retail store and checked the expirations dates July 2016 so once i get this brewing stuff down better I'll join ya later in the mad scientist race.
  3. True I had not yet considered the fact that as the basement air fluctuates it takes longer for the wort inside the LBK to change as well. I'm glad i got you guys here for reassurance. Salute, EH
  4. Hey just wanted to check with you guys on what you thought. I have my LBK in my basement that usually sits around 63-64 degrees. Its half ledge rock and half concrete block so the temperature doesnt change too much down there on a weekly/daily basis. I see you guys talk alot about temp controlled fermentation, where you can pretty closely control (various methods) the temperature. My question is will it matter much if my temp changes from 63 to 68 to 65 to 70 to 67 to 64 ect ect over the fermentation process? I not saying extreme ranges outside of 63-73 but just wondering if it matters much if the temperature fluctuates plus or minus 5 degrees like i mentioned? thanks alot Salute, EH
  5. Hey thanks guys! great ideas to double up the HME and also i didnt realize i could filter recipes on the MB website. Thinking about maybe trying out the All American Gold and the Girls and Boyseberries in the near future. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction Salute, EH
  6. Hey so i went shopping with my girlfriend today and just couldnt resist the Mr Beer classic brew kick that was on sale for $20 (normally $99). Came home watched the DVD, watched a few videos online, and read a few posts. Then brewed up my first batch of Classic American Light that came with my kits. Everything went smooth and i got it sitting in my basement right now for 3 weeks. Northern Minnesota here so my basement will stay low 60s consistently. My question is that the store i bought my kit at has two more kits still on sale and i'm pretty sure i want to buy them. they come with the CAL extract/ 11 bottle kit also for 20 bucks. I am just wondering after reading all the post and comments that the CAL is under impressive is that if i buy these other two kits and recieve the CAL cans with them is there anything i can try to add to the recipe to maybe make them alittle more interesting? There are also 3 refill packs that include the CAL and Mexica Cerveza for like 10 bucks. Im thinking about snagging those up too. I look forward to joining all you guys and enjoying some brews i've made myself. I figure i might as well get these sale items and start with those while the price is so low. I looked at expiration dates and they still have about a year left so they arent outdated. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated and i look forward to reading more of your guys posts. Salute, EH
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