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  1. i will be busy on my 3 week mark and dont have time to bottle. seems 3 weeks is recommended on most beers. is it ok good or bad to let a beer fermit 3-1/2 weeks or 4 weeks even if the fermentation might be over. I will catch a sample and check it with hydrometer to see if its over.
  2. The carbonation drops say they are made of fermentable sugars and other stuff. Table sugar is unfermentable. Is there any noticeable difference from using one or the other?
  3. Im pretty knowledgable in marine biology im pretty sure the only sea mint. Is spelled cement AKA conrete. LOL
  4. Ok thanks. My plan was to keep in fermenting for three weeks. If it tastes good at 2 weeks should i bottle it.
  5. Ok so today is 8 days of fermentation. Wow wow. I pulled a sample amazing smoky dark bock flavor smooth my wife took 2 sips she only drinks wine. She loved it. I finished the glass. It is top shelf guys. Somebody needs to rethink there research on chocolate malt. If it is this good at 8 days. Please dont tell me it can get better cause i guess i lucked out and im getting drunk next week.
  6. I can tell when brewers use the vodka infusion for fruit whats the difference in doing a puree straight in fermenter verses soaking fruit in vodka.
  7. I am sorry it was josh that advised crystal malt puts me too sweet and will taste bad.
  8. U said it may be too sweet so should i carbonate with mr beer drops table sugar or corn syrup
  9. Advice on being a man. Sorry dam auto correct.
  10. I can go to church if i need advice on bring a man. Im trying to brew beer does anyone in this club know how. Focus people. Lol dont take it to heart. Back to the point so should i use corn syrup for bottling. since rick said i screwed up this beer pretty bad
  11. Yes i love stout but looking for input on a light beer with hint of mint for a refreshing outdoor beer
  12. U wouldent understand then. Fresh lemonade with fresh homegrown mint leaves is amazing very refreshing. I grow tons of fresh mint.
  13. i like that idea. one of my favorite store bought beers is abita strawberry
  14. i would like to brew a mint flavored belgium or wheat beer. anyone have a recipe or suggestions. My goal is something refreshing to work outside in the southern heat. heat index is 104 today.
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