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  1. Thanks for all the help! Hope she turns out ok. I might have to get a stove for the basement to brew with as my girlfriend wasn't too happy I got wort all over the kitchen.... Annnddd she might be a little mad I kicked the stove....
  2. Should I add the remaining yeast or let that be? It called for a full packet originally.
  3. What caused it to erupt? I only added a little bit of the DME while stirring.
  4. Would I be better off just leaving it? If I do add water, will that disturb the yeast or mess up the flavor?
  5. So bought a kit of cream ale with specialty grains. I got the grains steeped and as I started to mix in the DME, the kettle erupted like Mount Vesuvius all over my stove and floor.... I swore ALOT, kicked the stove and began to clean up. I then removed the kettle from the heat and added the remaining DME and hops... I finished the boil, cooled my wort, then transfered it to the LBK. I started the wort with 2.5 gallons, and after the eruption and boil I only have 1.5 of the wort.... So I take a gravity reading and its at 1.065, when it is supposed to be near 1.040... I then add almost 3/4 packet of yeast and set it on my fermenting room. Am I in trouble? Is my cream ale going to turn out ok? Should I have added water to bring it back to 2 gallons before adding the yeast? Im so pissed off at myself and fully expected the beer gods to smite me last night.
  6. I used a 1 gallon water jug to measure. My girlfriend is upset because I had a lot of left over paste... I'm etching everything in sight! All my beer glasses have my name on them.... The bathroom mirror has ivy on it....
  7. I used etching paste on them. I did both differently. Ill go snap a few pictures and put them up! I really like the results!
  8. Really. I'd rather have something on the carboy. Any other ideas without the snoody remarks?
  9. I just picked up some carboys and wanted to mark the gallons on them. I tried using a Sharpie, my girlfriend's nail polish, and plastic model paint. All three flaked off or wiped off. Does anyone else mark their carboys? How does one get the marking to stick??
  10. Guess ill pick up a new sample tube and another hydrometer to see if that fixes my issue. I can't give up now
  11. Ughhh.... I can't win can I? I want exact readings. I want consistent readings. Maybe brewing isn't the thing for an OCD person... Ripping my hair out now
  12. I just looked up some prices online. Anyone use Easy Clean?
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