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  1. Big Sarge

    old beer

    Only the brewer knows when it’s time to dump the beer. My advice: drink faster lol
  2. Big Sarge

    old beer

    Are they too bad for a brat bath on the grill or some other cooking use? Did you try all of them and none are worth drinking? That’s a lot of cooking beer lol. I’m sure others will have some more interesting uses.
  3. Hoppy, I’m glad it’s only the 5 of us left on this forum because I can only imagine the reactions from the uninitiated 🍺
  4. Hoppy has squirreled enough HME for all five of us left!
  5. Totally didn’t get how I thought it would. Good thing for the disclaimer ahead of time @Creeps McLane
  6. I mean, if you’re as good as you say you are, you could call it right now and then hit them later...
  7. Black lager sounds like the best of both worlds in your case!
  8. Sundays are pretty slow here, @BuckeyeBrewer. First, if you're sure it's a lacto infection, I can see it resulting in a good beer. That could likely take while. Maybe they're just funky yeast rafts, if the beer doesn't taste overly sour? Again, it might be too soon to tell. If it is an infection and you plan on bottling now, I'd stay away from glass bottles. These could gush, or worse explode. I understand you're taking precautions, but you could have a ticking timebomb if they don't explode in the cooler. I'd get rid of the LBK afterward, unless you plan on making more sours with it lol.
  9. Winter is coming.... Brew accordingly. I have an imperial coffee stout in the queue, specifically for that reason.
  10. Party at @Creeps McLane's house!!
  11. And you think 100lbs of malt is enough?
  12. Soooo...which hops are in the freezer??
  13. Got a little overzealous and hit the road to the LHBS, only to find out it is closed on Tuesdays. I'll likely go tomorrow though. I'm on the lookout for the new Lallemand Philly Sour yeast, so hopefully they have it. I'm planning a Berliner Weisse with it.
  14. That's what matters... Enjoy it! And brew!
  15. I'm brewing an Altbier next as well. I'll keg the pale ale today and hopefully will find time to brew it this weekend. If not, I can probably carve out time this week. I'd like to get it going soon, so I can lager it for awhile as I drink the pale ale.
  16. I've been harvesting ice from the ice machine in shopping bags and putting them in the deep freezer. I think my adjustment of pre chilling the CF water before cooling the wort on the way to the fermenter will be better than trying to cool the whole kettle during the whirlpool.
  17. I've been reading up on top cropping Kveik yeast. I don't know if I'm there yet.
  18. I'm already looking forward to my next brew day. It's hot as hell here, but I don't care! I just gotta come up with creative ways to get the wort down to pitching temp. I have my fermentation fridge and kegerator indoors here, so that's an added bonus. I spend a lot of time sweating my rump off in the garage anyway, so might as well do it while brewing! We are already empty nesters, so I hope to brew more while here. The only downfall is the wife being out of work, making money a little tighter here. Even more reason to save money brewing my own!
  19. Of course you had to add more choices and I'm late to the party... I'm still going with B, it speaks to me lol
  20. I agree with all decisions that make beer! Otherwise, I'm no help. Sounds solid. I would love to vote for the pale ale, but I think the hops take a backseat to the malt with your choice of a golden ale.
  21. You could either go for a clean bittering hop or I'd always recommend one of the noble hops for taking a backseat to the malt.
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