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  1. Definitely bumping up the sulfates! Not too bad otherwise.
  2. Curious, what are the salt additions it's quoting?
  3. 🤘🏻I like it! I think I might have to try some out in a hot El Paso garage once I get there. Have a standard brew in the fermenting fridge, and let the Kveik ride the lightning!
  4. Nice. Pretty crazy stuff. Any noticeable difference? Would you only use it for IPAs?
  5. Alright, after reading the latest issue of BYO, who has brewed with Kveik?
  6. And FYI, I think @Bonsai & Brew is the Alt King lol
  7. I only have one instance of experience to refer to, but I really feel like it's a moneymaker to allow it some extra Lager/conditioning time. It was difficult then and probably would be more difficult now to put that into practice though!
  8. What yeast are you using and fermenting at? Mine was more coppery, with a touch of roasty and sweet. I like how the cooler fermentation equates to s cleaner beer. I lagered mine in the cold garage for 30 days during the winter, before I had the fermentation fridge. I'm really excited about making an all grain version.
  9. I'm looking to try my hand at another Alt this fall. My first attempt was extract and bottle carbed all to hell, taking away from a promising beer. I don't have many (any) references either, but I do know like the style.
  10. Update: they only had 1 Wyeast Farmhouse available online, so it'll be a 50/50 blend with Wyeast 3712 French Saison.
  11. Makes sense. I just wanted to play with my new toy! If it gets here, of course...
  12. So, if I get the green light to order supplies tonight, I'm hit with another problem. My malt mill still hasn't shipped, because of the virus and all. I could easily see having the ingredients here before Saturday, but no promises on the mill. I could easily order the grains crushed, but I really wanted to try my hand at doing my own. Maybe I shouldn't, given the time constraints? I'm sure not brewing it this weekend wouldn't be a complete show stopper, but I also don't want to rush later. The mill would likely only take a day or two to get here (shipping from San Antonio). Maybe I could add a pound of unmilled 2 row to the order, for practice and research and all?
  13. My current keg collection is a 3 gal corny, a sixth barrel (5 gal) sanke, and quarter barrel (7.75 gal) sanke. Fermenters include multiple buckets, 5 galling carboys, and a 7 gal fermonster. My kettle is 10 gallons.
  14. Here we go, really want to see this through and quick, regardless of how many times the wife rolls her eyes. Rough draft... Oklahoma's Last Stand Saison (8 gal) 11# Pilsner 4# White Wheat 1# Clear Candi Sugar .5 Simcoe FWH .5 Simcoe 60min 1.0 Amarillo (WP) 1.0 Amarillo (DH) 2x Wyeast Farmhouse Ale Pretty straightforward, keeping it medium gravity.
  15. The monster seems unavailable at my new go-to online retailer. I like my liquid yeast to only be on the road no more than 24 hours on an ice pack. Probably go with the Wyeast Farmhouse.
  16. How's conditioning time on the lot of these? I'm obviously looking for one that doesn't require much.
  17. I like it. Do you have a go to saison yeast?
  18. So I figure this to be the best place to ask an off the wall question, instead of starting a new thread. I'm looking to squeeze in one more batch before setting my sights on preparing to move. I have a 3 gallon corny and quarter barrel (7.75 gal) sanke available. I think the 3 gal would go too quick, so I want to make a bigger batch. My problem is not having a fermenter larger than 7 gal. I thought about making ~8 gallons and splitting the wort between two 5 gallon carboys. I could then combine them at kegging. Temperature control would fall to the wayside, unless I just put one in the fermenting fridge. I figure I could do a saison, letting the higher temps produce some nice, estery goodness. If I go that route, what is the best way to add yeast? Do I do one yeast pack per carboy? Make a two liter starter with two (or one) packs of yeast, then split the starter? Your thoughts, por favor...
  19. I'm pretty sure I could figure out a base. I love her and all, but I dare not overextend her lol.
  20. This is about the most trusting, inexpensive 2-roller I've found. I'm not familiar with them, other than the "3 must be better than 2" mantra. I could see myself dusting the grain before mashing as a concession. From a practical standpoint, with what I have going on right now, do you think the grain mill is my moneymaker?
  21. 22 years, that has to count for something lol. All of them while in the Army, too.
  22. So I continue pondering the issue at hand (it has been a slow day at work) with the following thoughts: Has anyone seen great improvements milking their own grain? There's the obvious benefit of keeping them shelf stable a little longer when they're whole, but I got on the subject because I was worried that my last batch of grain seemed like there were some uncrushed kernels in there. It was a quick visual observation and I didn't thoroughly investigate (I was in the middle of making beer). I would like to control as many aspects of efficiency as possible, though. The pump would be helpful, but not necessarily needed with my current setup. I would need a whirlpool arm purchased separately and don't want to leave that up to my wife. I am able to leverage gravity for transferring otherwise. The stir plate would be nice, if I decide to stay with yeast starters. I'm on the fence about that one.
  23. Thanks. Any recommendations on a grain crusher in the $100 range? I've seen some cheaper ones, but wouldn't mind an affirmation from someone here before committing. I'm not sure when my current AHA membership expires, but 3 more years is always a good thing!
  24. Friends, I need some quick help. My anniversary is Saturday and my wife is demanding I give her some ideas of brewing equipment. I usually just let her buy me anything but brewing stuff, but she knows where my heart is. With that said, I'm not going to ask for anything extravagant. I'm looking at ideas under $100. I have a few in mind, but can't make up my mind. I guess I'm looking for the most logical thing, if that makes sense. Here's what I'm juggling, in no particular order: 1. Anvil brewing pump. I'm not looking for anything to big, just something to help with transfers and maybe even whirl pooling (if I can figure out a noninvasive, DIY setup that doesn't require a port on my kettle) 2. Grain mill. These can obviously get up there in price, but I'm looking for something of quality at a low price (if such a thing exists). If it's absolutely stupid to buy something inexpensive, I don't need it. 3. Stir plate. Another inexpensive version that works. Yes, I could build my own for pretty cheap, but I'm looking for something comparable that's already made. I don't have the spare computer parts laying around. An added cost would be the 2L flask, something to consider. Any help is appreciated. What makes sense to you?
  25. The package with my second tap addition is set to arrive tomorrow. Like a good steward of the craft, I drilled out the hole in the fridge door. I also made a wooden brace for inside the door, since cutting out the interior door piece reduced the rigidity on the inside of the door. A simple plank of wood (with a third hole drilled; I can dream) will provide a strong base for the shank retaining nut. Is it safe to say I'm excited?
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