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  1. The Screwy Brewer website calculators have yet to lead me astray @madcow
  2. That might be a little excessive. I've used a double-mesh strainer with great success.
  3. Surely someone has figured out how to clone it by now? Or maybe Josh will point us in the right direction...
  4. Dude, you totally need a hydrometer! I know this isn't helping your case much now, unless you are buying one as we speak and take gravity readings over the next couple days. My two cents: give it a few more days while eyeing the temperature along the way. I don't know that the potential variation in temperature matters too much at this point, but I feel it's still safe to let it ride a few more days.
  5. All of this "soon" stuff is killing me! In all seriousness, keep up the great work!!
  6. Some of us like the way colors taste, @MRB Josh R
  7. @Broox To reiterate what RickBeer said, I recommend brewing each of the extracts straight-up first. I have about 20-some brews under my belt which vary in skill sets and craft, but I still brew the HMEs I haven't tried yet straight to get an idea of the taste. You won't be disappointed!
  8. Big Sarge

    Red IPA

    You won't be disappointed! It might not end up your favorite, but it doesn't hurt to experiment too. Happy (or should I say "Hoppy") hunting!
  9. I'm rarely on a computer and nothing happens when I hover my finger over the phone screen...
  10. Big Sarge

    Red IPA

    Have you seen Josh's hops spreadsheet? I think the link is in the forum somewhere. It's a great tool for researching your next hop selection. I'm quite partial to Falconer's Flight and have a brew going with Centennial now.
  11. Big Sarge

    Red IPA

    The Imperial Red Ale might be a great base!
  12. I might be mistaken, but I believe it's either the most "liked" post of the thread, or the one with at least 'x' number of likes. There are a few in the various threads. I'm sure a Mr. Beer rep will clarify in the morning.
  13. That's harsh! I think it sounds like a more deep-rooted dislike of Wisconsin...
  14. Ok, so I'm full of questions today. BLUF: I'm looking for the "sweet spot" in a hop schedule for flavor and aroma additions. I've come across the ingredients/recipe for a PM IPA, which uses Summit hops. I'm know that AA are pretty high in Summit and I'm not quite a hop head, so I'm looking to just use those for a low bittering (thinking 0.5 oz at 45 minutes). I'm looking to use FF for flavor and aroma, wondering where that sweet spot is. I'm familiar with the hop utilization time chart and realize that everyone has their own preference. From your experience, what schedule works best? A 20/10 or a 15/0 minute addition? Thanks in advance for any input!
  15. Like I said previously, it's all coming together now. One final question: How important is the sparge water temperature when washing the grains? I will have to do something productive here at work at some point... Thanks again, Josh!
  16. Thanks for the explanation @MRB Josh R I am slowly learning about the science of mashing and, while I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, it's all starting to come together. Is the main difference between steeping and mashing the temperature they're done at?
  17. I did notice that when I read through the PM descriptions. It looks to me that the flaked corn works well in the lighter beers. Upon initial research, I noticed some would say that they could only be mashed, but it looks to be effective in a steep/partial mash.
  18. I can only imagine. I swear I almost hurled from the grains secret anticipation, and now this!
  19. Maybe if that were italicized, it would be helpful
  20. But how soon, @MRB Josh R? The anticipation is killing me...
  21. I was really looking forward to that one! Is there anything online that lists the other ingredients so I could potentially put an order together sooner? I can probably pick up the Notty at my LHBS (I like to patronize them every now and then too). If not, do you have an ETA on the Notty being back in your inventory? Thanks much!
  22. Perv your beer @MichaelL! It's like peeing in the shower, we all do it but no one admits it!! Wait...I don't pee in the shower.
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