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  1. I tend to attribute it to magic on most occasions. Definitely magic. How could science be the sole reason beer tastes so majestic?
  2. Nice job, fellas! Any other forum regulars make the list?
  3. My two cents: as I navigate throughout this hobby and talk to people about beer and brewing, I find that some newbies don't know the difference between head retention and carbonation. We know that extract brewing makes head retention wane and add Carapils to boost it. The bubbles in the beer make it a carbonated beverage.
  4. I like it. A lot. I think they're definitely logical pairings throughout. Question: Why the insistence on pointing out the co-humulone levels? I've obviously heard of it before, but I'm too lazy/busy to look it up. Thanks again @Creeps McLane
  5. I'm making a pale ale to use up some extraneous hops. I want to bitter with one and split into two for dry hopping. Here's what's available: Azacca: B/A 14% Citrus, pineapple, pine Waimea: B/A 16% Citrus, pine Wakatu: A/B 6.5% Floral, citrus Calypso: B/A 12% Floral, fruity
  6. I don't know...no one wants their Stout to be darker. Just sayin'
  7. Strange indeed. It definitely sucks when a regular falls of the face of the earth like that.
  8. I thought the going rumor is that they got caught up in a beer-shipping sting operation?
  9. @Creeps McLane, I'm just happy to be along for the ride, brother. If anything, I'd love to see some videos of the process; that's definitely the immersive experience. I promise to one day have my wife make us a couple shirts with the beer name on it. Even if it doesn't make the B.O.B. starting lineup, it'll come with a good backstory. I wish I could be more participative in the endeavor, but work has me in the huckle buck.
  10. You, sir, are an artist. That looks damn good. It bears a damn fine name, too. I swear I'm going to make a tshirt with that on it! We just graduated the the kids from basic training this afternoon, with the next cycle starting in a mere 10 days. In the interim, I have lots of catching up in all things beer.
  11. I'm thinking an old horseblanket hanging on the wall in the background
  12. Shoot, I'm just seeing this. It was a long day at work. I'm gonna get after it though. I say we go with a big farmhouse ale. You've got a helluva lot to work with. I'm all in though. I'm going to take a general stab without a brew calculator though; working on drinking a few after a long day is the current priority. Let me know what you think: golden promise all the way a touch of Munich aromatic for good measure nice and light SRM I like Willamette highlighting with southern cross on rhythm mild IBUs but not too much to take away from the funk...it's gotta be funky. We need more cowbell. And by cowbell, I mean Brett.
  13. Sounds like you just need to go with the Brett. It's what you really want. Come back next time with a plan for the fruit.
  14. You alter the hop profile of the beer, but I'm not sure in which direction (stronger/weaker). Either way, it's not desired.
  15. This is the best damn explanation I've heard in my three years on the forum. Don't get me wrong, I've followed the mantra and I knew it was best; I just didn't know the exact science of it (and I'm too lazy to look it up). Follow-up question: Does this only come into play with priming sugar/bottle carbing?
  16. @Cato, while I haven't tried this recipe, I have had rye beer. If you have not tried rye beer, I suggest trying one; there are a few people that don't like them.
  17. I feel like I should be kicking myself for reading this...
  18. I was thinking the same thing, but that's a lot of high-alpha bittering hops. The "S" hops don't give many of options, particularly for available aroma type varieties.
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