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  1. Sterling hops didn't really wow me. I easily see them being tied to the basic lager category. They lack any citrus punch, IMO. The others sound good, although I don't have any experience with them (in practice or in taste).
  2. Green with envy here! I hope you guys have a blast! I love how it's developing!
  3. That does rely on the ambient temperature of the room your cooler is in, along with the insulating properties of the cooler itself. I use two 1 liter frozen bottles in my cooler, during this time of year in Oklahoma. That keeps the LBK at 55 degrees. I'll have to add another 20 ounce bottle if I lager during the summer months. I rotate them every 12 hours.
  4. I guess we should change this thread to "Found 2 old TV shows"
  5. The NWPA is pretty good as is. The most I would add is some LME/DME or hops, specifically the latter. I brewed this one yesterday, adding in El Dorado hops for 5 minutes and will dry hop a week before bottling. I discourage any other adjunct.
  6. Can I DVR it? I can't remember if you gave an answer on archiving episodes. The live air time unfortunately doesn't work well with my schedule. Good luck today! 🍺
  7. It's freaking awesome that you guys are making this happen! I only regret that I won't make it. I look forward to hearing all about it, though!
  8. Make the trip! What better way to learn than sitting around some seasoned homebrewers, talking and drinking beer? We have all been in your shoes. Keep at it and you'll be fine. The patience not only comes in handy in waiting for your beer, it also comes in refining your craft overall. Too many people drop out due to lack of confidence in their abilities.
  9. I have only experienced the off flavors of an infection once (quite obvious, a bad watermelon wheat), but a few batches that have consistently gushed. Like yours, some of those lasted to right around the two-year mark. I just hate losing all that beer to the kitchen sink! I have to look inward first, as my cleaning and sanitization could always get better. I'm going to track my fermenters, seeing if there is a possibility of one being the culprit. I'm going to wash bottles like a mad man. One step that often gets ignored (due to time) is sanitizing the spigot before bottling. Maybe that's it?
  10. I've seen that all too often in some batches. It perplexes me, as I maintain the same 1/2 tsp of sugar per 12 oz bottle. It has to be something with sanitation somewhere. I'm ramping up my sanitization with the latest round of brewing/bottling, so fingers crossed!
  11. I might actually get to brew on Sunday, since I've finally ordered some Mr. Beer recipes. Of course I missed the 20% off sale, but who cares? Now it's on to deciding which one it'll be: the WDA, Chromos, Yule, or the NWPA with El Dorado?
  12. I'm excited to hear about brew day!!
  13. @RickBeer scared another one off!
  14. They finally caved!! So is this going to be the next McRib?
  15. As am I... and of course it's super limited
  16. Without searching the forum, I remember the conversations about rabbits. I am thinking that this isn't the right answer, but I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say AC.
  17. Some tough competition, apparently lol. I can't claim to know the others off the top of my head, and dare not google them.
  18. #3: Bronson Pinchot (sic?) you're showing your age and naïveté, Creeps 😂
  19. I've tried the "wish list" thing; you apparently have to buy the stuff you put in there. I was kinda hoping Mr. Beer would just magically send you the stuff you wish for. Maybe that function is broke on the website? 😉 I wish you all the best in the new year, my extended brewing family!
  20. I believe the initial intent of slowly inverting the bottles after capping was to check for leaks.
  21. I learned this the hard way early on. I certainly didn't blast Mr. Beer and put the blame on myself. It was my second batch and I was still learning. It did, however, turn out that the spigot hole in the LBK was not cut correctly and the leak was unavoidable. The gracious and helpful Mr. Beer customer service had no issues with sending me a replacement, for free.
  22. Even with your strength in numbers, you can't beat the dynamic duo from beer-hating Oklahoma!! @HoppySmile!
  23. Short version (as I'm headed to bed): you need to boil hops in some sort of malt (not just water) in order to get them to "stick". Just don't boil them in HME; use steeped grain water or LME, then add the HME at flameout.
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