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  1. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.
  2. Update, 13 days later and there is still krausen like crazy. I had two over flows in the first five days. There is still active fermentation. Is this normal? It is a bit cool, in the 61 degree range.
  3. I did the two packs mainly because I had them. I had used some US-05 on another batch, and had extra yeast.
  4. Used a can of St. Patrick's, along with a pound of a dark LME and a bag of booster. The Little Brown Keg is bubbling like crazy with a big layer of krausen. I used two packets of Mr. Beer yeast. I'm thinking at least 3 weeks in the LBK, possibly up to 5. What do you think?
  5. Did you wash or sanitize the lemon peel? How long was your beer in the fermenter?
  6. The expiration was 2010. There was no bulging. The can had been stored as properly as possible, in a room used for wine storage with stable temperature and stable humidity. The can has darkened, for sure. However, it was also only a one poundish size can. As you remember, Mr. Beer in the old days used cans about half the size of the current ones. I suspect (hope) it will be ok.
  7. Yes, Winter Dark. Please forgive my beer addled brain.
  8. I just finished brewing. In the LBK, I have a can of the "Winter Warmer". Added to it is an old can of Mr. Beer LME from the Catalina days. I used US-05 yeast. I'm expecting a malty and dark brew in about 6 weeks. I'm looking for your ideas abouT how this will turn out, and what I can do with my other two cans of Winter.
  9. Apple type? No idea. They are of medium sweetness and ripen in early August in Southern Ohio.
  10. That wasn't my intention, but maybe that is what it is.
  11. Back in the first part of August, I went to a local orchard. There, my daughters picked me some apples. I juiced some, and had 1 gallon of cider. Using a ridiculously old can of Witty Monk, and that gallon of cider (boiled to kill any nasties), I made a brew. After 5 weeks in the LBK, and a week in the bottle, I tried it. HOLY CRAP! THIS STUFF IS DELICIOUS! Now, I should let it stay in the bottle another week, as the carbonization is weak. However, it is yummy as hell.
  12. Bourbon is aged in new charred oak barrels. To get more of a bourbon barrel aged flavor, use some of the Jack Daniels chips that are available. They are chopped up used bourbon barrels people use for smoking. Use the bits that are charred.
  13. Cider and Witty Monk. I went to the apple orchard and picked 20 pounds worth. I juiced a portion and had 1 gallon of cider juice. I brought it to a boil to kill whatever might be living in it. I added it to an OLD can of Witty Monk that I found in the basement (expired in 2009). The Witty Monk had been kept in a climate controlled, dark area and showed no signs of bulging or denting. I added 2/3 pound of brown sugar. I have no idea what I'm going to get.
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