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  1. Thank for the response and info, Rick. It has been a fairly steady 72 degrees in the closet I'm carbonating in. My third batch, the Belgian Spiced Ale with the recommended priming sugar, has been in there 3 days and bottles were firmer than the 3 week bottled Diablo IPA after the first day. I'm using the exact same 1/2 liter drinking water plastic bottles. I worried they might not be holding the seal and letting some carbonation escape, but they are holding firm with batch 3. I'll stay patient and wait another 2 weeks. It's a good excuse to go out and pick up a couple 6 packs of Blue Mountain Full Nelson. If they stay as uncarbonated after 5-6 weeks, then will a tiny dose of priming sugar bring the carbonation up to speed over an additional 3-4 weeks, or will I be just drinking tasty but less bubbly beer and saying "wait till the next batch is ready!"
  2. My first batch came out great, so thinking I am now hot stuff, I'm brewing a Diablo IPA for the second batch. One of my first tours through the forums, I saw several posts talking about how the Mr. Beer recommendations on priming sugar seemed a little heavy and and preferring hoppy beer, I thought my Classic Light first batch was a touch sweet for my own tastes, so I went about half the recommended priming sugar when I bottled. The bottles never really got hard, and after 3 weeks of conditioning, it was still tasty but undercarbonated. My humbled newbie question is this: can I add the remaining recommended sugar to the 3 1/2 week carbonating bottles, let them sit in the beer cave for another 3 weeks, and have great salvaged carbonated IPA, or is this like opening the lid of the fermenter, letting invisible critters in and removing all the carbonation work my poor hungry yeasts accomplished when I tried to starve them with half the sugar? It isn't flat, but it isn't something I want to serve anyone else. Thanks in advance for the help and ideas!
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