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  1. ha ok you guys are a LITTLE more advanced than me. I'm still working out of my Mr Beer 2 gallon kit. I haven't been confident enough to move forward yet. But thanks for the help!
  2. Ok so i'm ready to bottle my beer and I've always used the Carbonation Drops from Mrbeer.com. however i use 12oz bottles and and it calls for those drops to be cut into 3/4 the size...well a pill cutter breaks and when i tried other, more redneck, methods they just ended up in inconsistent sizes. I went to my local Beer and Wine Supply shop and bought Conditioning Tablets instead. The woman there said that i could use those in place of the carbonation drops. But i got to thinking, are they two different things? If i use the Conditioning Tablets do I need to add priming sugar? Or are the conditioning tablets the same as the carbonation drops? I'd like to bottle tomorrow, so any quick replies would be great.
  3. when i made the pumpkin rising, i added more spices that you'd find in a pumpkin pie..so in the end my beer tasted a little more like cinnamon and nutmeg than pumpkin..but there was a hint of pumpkin there. Kinda the taste I was going for but using the Bewitched Amber Ale made it a little too bitter, so i'm hoping the switch to Oktoberfest will help...it says it has 9 less points on the bitterness score than the Amber. also, Ravens suck GO STEELERS!
  4. Pumpkin Beers are one of my favorite. Last spring I decided I wanted to make Pumpkin Rising to see if I'd like it or would want to tweek it for the fall. I used 1/2 Tspn Ginger 1/4 tspn Cinnamon 1/4 tspn All spice and a pinch of ground cloves. After about a week of fermenting, I added 1/2 tspn nutmeg, 1 tspn of Pumpkin Spice Extract, 3 cinnamon sticks and the 10oz of 100% Pure Pumpkin(not Libbys). I let it condition for about 6 weeks. it didn't turn out too bad but I was looking for something closer to Jack-O-Travelers or The Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin. Something a little less bitter and more pumpkin flavor. A lot of ppl enjoyed it though. This time around i'm keeping the same recipe but using the Oktoberfest Extract instead of the Bewitched Amber Ale...based mostly on the bitterness scale. (pics are of the first batch) Addy's Punkin Head Ale (my daughter)
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