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  1. I bought the pear cider refill a month or so ago and I went to the Mr. Beer site to print the recipe, but it's gone. Also, I could find the apple cherry cider recipe. Don't 'spose you could find a way to share those with a brother, Josh?
  2. My girlfriend found a Mr. Beer kit at the local Goodwill and brought it home. There was a can of Classic American Light that came with the kit. After checking this forum (and a couple others) I decided to beef up my brew by forsaking the supplied yeast, using Safale US-05 Ale yeast, adding Cascade hop pellets and 2 cups of honey. Four weeks in primary, two weeks carbonation in the 1-liter Mr. Beer plastic bottles, and two days in fridge before we poured our first Honey Ale. We were very surprised as how well the brew turned out. Delicious! We're hooked and have purchased a second LBK. We'll have alternating brews of Porter, Honey Ale, and pear cider working right now. This is too much fun!!
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