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  1. I've sent an email to Mr. Beer. However, since it's now shown as "out of stock", I'm not expecting them to have the Imperial Barbarian yeast on-hand to send to me. I found the yeast at a shop 22 miles from me for $10. The weather is nice today in Austin, Texas. I could put the top down and drive there and get the yeast but fighting the SXSW music festival traffic this weekend makes it a "no".... And I had Virginia on my bracket going to the Elite 8....and the Longhorns are out of the tourney....so, I might as well work on my taxes this weekend.....!
  2. I started to brew the American Resolution Hazy IPA this morning and discovered that I was NOT supplied with the Imperial Barbarian Yeast with my order. I received this order right before I left to travel overseas a month ago. I placed everything in the box from Mr. Beer in the refrigerator with the plan to brew when I got back. Now I'm out of luck. I checked my order form and the yeast isn't even listed on it. But, it's on the recipe instructions. Now, Mr. Beer shows that this recipe is "Out of Stock". My local Home-brew Supply store doesn't carry this yeast. So, I guess I'm really out of luck. I guess the White Labs 095 Burlington yeast is equivalent to the Barbarian yeast but I hate to change the recipe and my local store doesn't carry that either. Suggestions?
  3. RickBeer has it right. Take another reading. For what it's worth, I brewed the Oktoberfestivus recipe on 7/29/16 and followed the instructions exactly. It fermented for 21 days and then I did the cold crash for two days. I had an OG 1.041 and a FG 1.008. But your batch may be done at 1.015. By coincidence (or Providence?) I just finished the last bottle of my Oktoberfestivus this evening. I had conditioned that bottle for 3 months and it's been in the fridge for 443 days. It was the best of the batch. The taste is pretty malty. Nothing else really spectacular about it. But, seeing the last one go is still a little tough.
  4. Outstanding spreadsheet!!! I've been away for awhile and am just now getting caught up. The only thing I noticed was on the filters. On my Excel for Mac 2011, it looks like the filter range is $B$1:$X$147. But I would want Column A to change with any filtering/sorting that I do on the other columns...so I changed that to $A$1:$X$147. That might just be particular to my version or the way my Excel version opens your file. But once again, thanks for all the work that went into this! I'm going to use it.
  5. After 25 brews with Mr. Beer, I just had my first bottle foamer. As other people have said, it’s usually due to over-carbonation. So others might learn, here’s what happened. Brewed Mr. Beer’s Baltic Porter exactly by the instructions. Fermented for 24 days. Checked with hydrometer and was on target. (This was my second batch of the Baltic Porter since it was popular among my friends.) Cold crashed for two days. Here's the key, I believe: I used Brewer’s Best tablets for the carbonation sugar during bottling. I used 4 tablets in each 12 ounce bottle. According to the Brewer’s Best instructions, that should yield “medium” carbonation. I’ve used Brewer’s Best tablets with the Octoberfestivus recipe and the Black Moon Weizen recipe and the Amberosia recipe without any problems. Something about the Baltic Porter resulted in over-carbonation with the Brewer’s Best tablets. My first batch of Baltic Porter used two Mr. Beer’s carbonation drops for some 750 ml PET bottles and regular sugar (two teaspoons) for other 750 ml bottles. (I didn't use any 12 oz. glass bottles for that batch.) The carbonation for that batch was just perfect. I conditioned the Baltic Porter for 87 days. Then, placed some bottles in the fridge for 8 days. The first two that I opened were both foamers. Both bottles were not just drinkable, but very good tasting. I just had to pour quickly and let it settle down before drinking. I’m going to exclusively use plain old sugar from now on. It works.
  6. Quick report on HBC-438 experimental hops. I brewed the Hop Head Red recipe using the HBC-438 hops instead of the Willamette hops. Everything else in the recipe was the same. The Bewitched Amber Ale is a great extract and I loved the results that I got with the Hop Head Red recipe last year. The HBC-438 hops seems to give a stronger aroma than the Willamette hops. And the taste really has some nice, very subtle cedar-like flavor in the background. This is the first bottle after fermenting 21 days, cold crashing 3 days, carbonating for 26 days, and sitting in the refrigerator for 4 days. The ABV came out on target at 7.2%. I'll let the other bottles age for a while longer and then get some experts try it. I think it's a winner.
  7. Wow! Sounds spectacular...but I'm missing something in your description of your batch. You say you have a keg aging in your cellar fridge right now and it tastes incredible right now and will be bottled in December. I didn't see in the instructions anything about transferring the fermented batch into a keg and conditioning it in a fridge for four months before bottling. Maybe I missed that. Is that an extra conditioning step that is optional? Is that necessary or can you bottle and carbonate it after the initial two weeks of fermentation and then the additional week with the whisky chips? Does the kit include towels for cleaning up when the LBK overflows during high Krausen?!! As MichaelL said earlier, "thanks for pushing the boundaries of what one can brew using HME"! I might have to try it...but for $2.50 a bottle, I've got to make sure I know what I'm doing!! Thanks again for thinking outside the keg!
  8. Thanks for the great information. Yes, I've been wanting to do your Saison Du Miel for a long time and for some reason was thinking using an extra can of American Ale instead of the LME Golden might make it even better. I'll stick to your Saison du Miel recipe and get it started next week. (Why use up a $16.95 can when the $3.49 LME is what's called for?!) I'm still trying to get my brain around fermenting at such a high temperature. I'll read-up some more on the Belle Saison yeast. Like Zorak1066 said, that yeast must be a monster. But when my home office stays at 80 to 83 deg F during the Texas summers, I've got the perfect place to ferment the Saison.
  9. Sounds pretty good. I've been wanting to do a Saison before the summer heat leaves. I've got two cans of American Ale. Could I make a Saison using both of them, plus the Belle Saison yeast, plus 1/2 oz of Sterling hops, plus 1 cup of honey? Qbrew says it might be 7.4% ABV with a light color...but will the bitterness be okay for a Saison? Boil the hops for 5 minutes, remove from heat, then add the honey, then the two cans? I'd like to ferment at 80 deg to 83 deg F for this Saison. Is that okay?
  10. That's close to the ratio of 8.8 oz of LME to 7.5 oz of DME that Mr. Beer sells in packages. But why the 4.7% ABV versus 4.2% ABV in these two Oktoberfest recipes?
  11. I know this is an old topic but I just finished making my first brew of the Oktoberfestivus recipe. Looks good...but I've got a question while I wait 3 weeks for fermenting and 4 weeks (or more likely 6 weeks) for conditioning.... The Oktoberfest Lager Deluxe refill comes with the 1.87 lb can and 8.8 ounces of liquid malt extract (LME-Smooth). The instructions give an ABV of 4.7%. But when I put these ingredients into Qbrew I get 4.2%. However, the Oktoberfestivus recipe uses the 1.87 lb can but includes 7.5 ounces of dry malt extract (DME-Smooth) along with 1/2 ounce of the Hallertau hops. The Mr. Beer recipe gives 4.2% ABV for this while the Qbrew gives an ABV of 4.1% for this recipe. I was wondering why I'm 1/2 percent off when I calculate the Oktoberfest Lager Deluxe refill recipe? Either I'm too tired tonight to do it right or Qbrew is off or Mr. Beer is listing an old ABV for the Oktoberfest Lager Deluxe refill recipe. It has been answered before (RickBeer, etc.) that the LME behaves the same as the DME. But is 8.8 ounces of Mr. Beer LME equivalent to 7.5 ounces of Mr. Beer DME with regards to ABV contribution? The Mr. Beer product descriptions seem to say "yes" but I'm just thrown off by the 4.7% ABV using the LME versus the 4.2% ABV using the DME with the Mr. Beer Oktoberfest HME product. Thanks!
  12. Thanks!!! It works nicely now. When you have an inventory of Bavarian Weissbier from KMart, you need all the Mr. Beer recipes for that extract!
  13. I don't think that's overkill. I drank some of my Mexican Cerveza tonight that I made with the LME softpack Pale and the Booster pouch. I used the yeast that is under the lid of the Cerveza extract. It's very good. It has a good head and good carbonation and good taste. It isn't thin like the Mexican Cerveza brewed by itself. I've calculated an ABV of 5.0% for mine. It would have been even better if the Astros had won tonight. I went 21 days in the LBK fermenter and then a full month conditioning. I brewed it in an Igloo ice cooler and kept a close watch on the temperature and changed out ice packs regularly to keep the temperature a little below 70 deg. F. I cold-crashed this batch for just 1 day...but it cleared up the appearance quite a bit. I think a little more time conditioning would help it a little more. I've got a couple more bottles going on 40 days that might be even better. But it's a great recipe (Mr. Beer's Chug-a-lugger.) It's been cloudy and rainy and cool here. This kind of beer is even better on a hot day.
  14. Yep, I agree. After 14 brews I finally tried cold crashing. I've got to say, it made a substantial difference in the clarity of the final product. The carbonation also turned out just as good. I was always curious if cold crashing would cause too much yeast to flocculate and fall out before bottling and whether that would affect the carbonation level. It doesn't seem to have much, if any, effect on it.
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