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  1. I've sent an email to Mr. Beer. However, since it's now shown as "out of stock", I'm not expecting them to have the Imperial Barbarian yeast on-hand to send to me. I found the yeast at a shop 22 miles from me for $10. The weather is nice today in Austin, Texas. I could put the top down and drive there and get the yeast but fighting the SXSW music festival traffic this weekend makes it a "no".... And I had Virginia on my bracket going to the Elite 8....and the Longhorns are out of the tourney....so, I might as well work on my taxes this weekend.....!
  2. I started to brew the American Resolution Hazy IPA this morning and discovered that I was NOT supplied with the Imperial Barbarian Yeast with my order. I received this order right before I left to travel overseas a month ago. I placed everything in the box from Mr. Beer in the refrigerator with the plan to brew when I got back. Now I'm out of luck. I checked my order form and the yeast isn't even listed on it. But, it's on the recipe instructions. Now, Mr. Beer shows that this recipe is "Out of Stock". My local Home-brew Supply store doesn't carry this yeast. So, I guess I'm really out of luck. I guess the White Labs 095 Burlington yeast is equivalent to the Barbarian yeast but I hate to change the recipe and my local store doesn't carry that either. Suggestions?
  3. RickBeer has it right. Take another reading. For what it's worth, I brewed the Oktoberfestivus recipe on 7/29/16 and followed the instructions exactly. It fermented for 21 days and then I did the cold crash for two days. I had an OG 1.041 and a FG 1.008. But your batch may be done at 1.015. By coincidence (or Providence?) I just finished the last bottle of my Oktoberfestivus this evening. I had conditioned that bottle for 3 months and it's been in the fridge for 443 days. It was the best of the batch. The taste is pretty malty. Nothing else really spectacular about it. But, seeing the last one go is still a little tough.
  4. K5WX

    K5WX Z-Brewing

    First try at adding bottle labels. (Neato bottle labels)
  5. K5WX

    Winter Dark Ale

    Wow indeed! Good job! I'm drinking my Winter Dark Ale tonight and just saw your photo and description. Great! I'm trying to learn to describe the flavors and you've nailed it. This one is borderline too hoppy for me...but border-line is still okay! This bottle I'm having was fermented 18 days, carbonated 20 days, refrigerated 10 days. My OG was 1.040 and FG 1.006. Just used the BIG can. No booster. Used my new LBK with black lid. Very good!
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