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  1. I cant thank you guys enough for making it easy!!! Especially to help build the confidence and help lea us newbies to make drinkable beer!
  2. Yeah, that is the one thing I have noticed when traveling throughout Belgium and trying the different beers was how the carbonation varied.
  3. Thanks for all the inputs!!! From the beer carbonation calculators it seems super low when compared to the Mr. Beer chart. I really like the sugar cube idea!!!
  4. Quick question regarding amounts/ease of the priming sugars. I have one batch conditioning in the plastic bottles and used the carbo drops--super easy and just have to wait the conditioning time to try. Now, my question is in the other bottle sizes. Living in europe, I am awarded the opportunity to collect may different bottle sizes/designs that I would love to utilize for my own brewing. The three main sizes I have been able to collect are .33ml, .5ml, and .66ml. So, the half liters are easy....1 carbo drop. Now, I am assuming i could split the drops in half for the .33's and then use 1.5 drops for the .66's. So, I am wondering would it just be easy/quicker/cleaner to use table sugar to prime all of the others instead of cutting a bunch of the tabs in half? My next question, should drop amounts vary with style/type of beer? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just curious if anyone on the site has made a Radler with the Weissbier? It seems the ideal extract to try it with. I am still learning a lot of the ropes, and will need to brew may more batches before I try something like this; however, I am trying to think of some recipes I will certainly miss when I no longer live in Germany. Just looking to start the discussions on how this would be made.
  6. Thanks Rick! I have been reading them....not all of them yet, but they are very helpful! And thanks for the answer, that makes it complete sense and perfectly answers my question.
  7. Just ordered my kit and crazy excited to begin brewing. During all the reading I have done on the site, I have seen people ferment for 2 weeks, others for 3 weeks, etc. Then, time in the bottles vary as well. So, my question is....what does the extended time do in the LBK do for the beer. Additionally, what does the longer time conditioning do when you extend past the recommended two weeks. Thanks!
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