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  1. In regards to the timing change, I also noticed all of the beers have a conditioning time of two weeks now. For example the Nilla Porter used to say 4 months and now its two weeks. Also, the Lock, Stock, Barrel was 9 months to a year and now says two weeks.
  2. HELP!!! So, I have made the Hacked Rootbeer 4 times now. The first two were perfect, the next two just did not carbonate. I did not change the sugar or temp on the second two batches. The rubber seals seam to be in ideal shape, I can not figure out what will be causing the lack of carbonation on for those. It is the only beer recipe I have having trouble with.d
  3. Just a quick question regarding the Strawberry/Basil Wheat beer. Would it be best to place the mason jar of vodka,strawberries, basil in the fridge or leave it at same temp as LBK? Thanks!
  4. Looking to mimic a Dunkelweizen, I know the Weisbeir HME is technically not a weizen mix; however, I can look past that....lol. My thought is the following: Bavarian Weissbier HME Robust LME Hallertau Hops at flameout and pitch WB-06 Would this achieve the effect of a dunkelweizen? I could tinker around with recipe to perfect it, but just curious if I am on the right track. Thanks,
  5. Thanks for the input Josh! My current brewing environment makes it easier to keep the temp at 68-72, so I am going to shoot for the S-05. Or just wait until i move in the next couple months and see what I have. This is certainly going in my recipe book! Thanks
  6. So, I have three of the american HMEs lying around and was pondering the idea of mixing together like Novacaine. A friend made the Novacaine and it got us wondering if we could make a US only Nov. Our thought would be to American Ale CAL American Porter Golden LME Add hops after one week of fermenting. 2 packs Palisade Pellet 2 packs MT. Hood Yeast would be T-58 or US-05 Not sure how the three would/could mix together. It is probably an idea left to the drinking patio talk, but thought I would throw it out there.
  7. I made my second batch of this stuff (its so good). This go around it seems some of my bottles are carbonating at different speeds. Some of the bottles will be ready for the fridge tomorrow, but others seem like they are still 2 days away. I am already at day 5. Is it normal for the recipe to carbonate at such different speeds? It did not do this the last time i made it.
  8. Yeah, i saw the chart and had not gone into the deep research of it yet. More of out loud brainstorming at this point. Once the kiddos go to sleep I can dig deep into this and thanks again for all the assistance on this. Also, thanks for the notes on the Quad recipe....I have not tried the Dubbel, Triple, or Quads, but I will give them a try soon. Thanks!!!!
  9. Thanks guys! I have glanced at all the sites and forums, but will certainly read deeper into this. I am still a newbie only brewed like 12 batches now, but start mixing hops into some of the blends to get flavors that remind me of europe before i leave. I am currently experimenting with the Wiesbier now. Started with the normal recipe nothing added. Now making the wild wheat to see how that compares. I am also waiting on the Wild Wheat with Hollentrau hops to compare the tastes. Both were brewed at flameout. After I find a good wiesbeir replica, I am moving on to the Belgians because not being able to drive there and pick up the Trappist beers will be hard for me. Now, i now I wont be able to make make exacts, just looking for something the mimics (reminds) of a Belgian blonde, brun, and quad. Thanks again!
  10. Quick question regarding adding hops at different stages. I have tried a couple different recipes on adding hops after boiling the water and also a week after fermenting. So, as i eventually move to creating my own type recipes, I was curious what do the two styles add/differ to the taste? Thanks!
  11. Bottled my hacked rootbeer yesterday and the bottles are already firm. No way these are ready in one day, right? I just dont see how these wont go bad by day five...no way they make it to seven. How much of the bottle should I be able to press in before it is overly carb'ed. Thanks!
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