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    My new filter station
  2. It was a store bought, major brand. I don't remember the brand right now. I froze it for a few days before using. it was in the first fermenter for a couple of weeks with no ill effects. we did not see the white growth until a few days after I changed fermenters. I sterilized all the equipment involved with the process including the hose. There is a few inches of head-space. Is this white stuff going to be any issue for those who want to consume my product?
  3. We added 16 oz of cinnamon applesauce that was frozen for a few days then thawed. We added it to the first fermenter with then two weeks later racked to the second fermenter. I did not see any mold in the first fermenter.
  4. We racked after we added apple sauce and a second hit of yeast. Two weeks later we moved the experiment to a new fermenter to let the cider condition with no sediment. My partner and I are playing outside of the box and now we have some interesting things happening.
  5. Look at this picture. I hope this helps. Thanks for your input. Eric
  6. Eric from pa


    Mold on cider
  7. I racked my hard cider into my spare fermenter and a week later a white film with spider like lines grew on the top of the cider. It looks like mold. The cider smells fine. Anyone know what to do about this?
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