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    Dream ale

    Tasty Cream Ale!
  2. Hey Bhob,


    I love your posts, and I am really interested in your fermentation chamber, can you post a build sheet, I would love to know what parts and materials you used.  I am contemplating a build of my own and would love some advice, maybe even what you might do differently based on current usage.


    Joe Limata




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    2. Topkick Brewing

      Topkick Brewing



      Thanks for all the info, what brand and parts did you buy for the TEC? I am a bit confused with everything I see on amazon.



    3. Bhob
    4. Bhob


      Here's the schematic


  3. What do I do I am unable change ice every 8 hours as I work 12 hour shifts 3 days on 3 days off. What else can I do to maintain temps during fermentation? Without breaking the bank! Joe
  4. Ok, so I comingled two questions. To answer your questions, I did not ferment for 3 weeks only 2 weeks as per the instructions, I also did not move the fermented beer to a bottling bucket I went straight to bottles. I was not looking to use kegging to insure proper carbonation, I was simply asking if 2 gallons of beer in a 2.5 gallon keg would work. So to correct my errors, I'm fermenting for 3 weeks and I purchased a bottling bucket, hose, and bottling wand to put transfer the beer into the bottles. My understanding is by using the bucket it will limit the amount of yeast in the transfer. I have also better managed my temps during the fermentation process and will condition my bottles for 4 or more weeks depending on the beer.
  5. Hey, I am new to brewing and the forum my wife bought a MB LBK for my birthday. I have brewed one batch which turned out ok, not as carbonated as I had hoped, but not bad. My big question is, a friend of mine has offered to give me a 2.5 gallon keg for free. Can I use this with a 2 gal. batch and still have adequate carbonation? Rodeohard
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