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  1. I don’t think a D-rest is needed with ale yeast. Go ahead and crash!
  2. The only one you’re missing is the Baltic Porter.
  3. I would take about 3-4 of those American Lagers, partial mash with some Munich and ferment it in your barrel til Oktoberfest!
  4. Well, with your fate determined, what are you thinking for style? Maybe a keg of Kellerbier for the summer?
  5. I hoping for Pale + Loral with maybe a stray shot of Victory!
  6. Right, I usually check my inventory of hops and yeast first when trying to decide what to brew. I'm waiting for you to brew a killer German Dunkel or Schwarzbier! My next recommendation would be a Czech Lager...
  7. Maybe @Nickfixit will have an opinion as well.
  8. I like it because it’s not US-05.🙂With a west coast Amber ale currently fermenting with BRY, I’m expecting a neutral flavor profile that lets the malt character dominate.
  9. With no vote of confidence from @Creeps McLane, I would appreciate any help from you guys on a name of your own! Barley was the 2-row variety called 'Hockett....'
  10. Curious how malt performed for you, @Creeps McLane. Any issues with lauter and/or calculated OG?
  11. WTFockett Golden Ale? Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Beer? Blank Canvas?
  12. American Blonde Ale? I keep coming back to session beers that are easy to brew...
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