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  1. Are you logged in? I just noticed that the Forum appeared to log me out but a quick refresh logged me back in.
  2. Is it OK to leave a picnic tap indefinitely connected to a keg while maintaining 12 psi?
  3. I like that you're going the extra mile and acquiring golden promise malt for your Irish Red!
  4. I tried that with very poor results but will undoubtedly try it again after making sure to cool down the wand first. I also had too much pressure which resulted in a bottle 3/4s full of foam. Again, I need more practice with all things kegging.
  5. +1 on size 14 Adams. Other favorites include Lt. Cahill, parachute wulffs and wooly buggers.
  6. Hey @HoppySmile!, got anything interesting aging in that barrel of yours?
  7. Oops -- the perils of trying to brew, post, and drink in real time... That mash pic is definitely out of order! The chilled sample was delicious with some initial Pilsner/wheat sweetness, then balanced bitterness, and finished with some subtle sourness. I'm encouraged so far! Maybe Munster Alt will make a comeback as a historical style and take the craft beer world by storm. (Of course, I thought the same thing about Dampfbier...)
  8. Bottled @ FG 1.010 so ABV = 5.6%, will sample chilled hydrometer sample in the AM...
  9. Speaking of brew competitions, this seems like a good place to post this one: https://www.bierederock.com/entry Get those Wits, Saisons and Trappist ales brewing!
  10. When crafting a recipe, I usually look at my inventory of yeast and work back from there. Figure out the style and brew something you enjoy drinking.🍻 You've got a nice supply of fermentables there but I would save the robust LMEs for another brew. Bewitched plays nicely into malty styles so you could definitely use up some of your light/pale extracts though. It might be a good time to ask the Forum for everyone's favorite Bewitched Amber Ale recipe... When in doubt, always partial-mash. Here are some other ideas: https://community.mrbeer.com/topic/36584-warlock-doppelbock/?tab=comments#comment-463879 http://support.mrbeer.com/support/solutions/articles/13000042781-heathers-scotch-ale-recipe-instructions
  11. Final brew day notes: I added a little more than half a tsp lactic acid near the end of the boil to target a pH of 4.5. OG was 1.053. K-97 fermentation wasted no time taking off and it looks like I have made beer.
  12. As I'm brewing this in real time, I will spare everyone pictures of boiling wort. Hop additions are as crafted with commando Magnum but hop-sacked Hallertau flavor/aroma additions.
  13. Surprisingly, once the cereal mash dilutes into the full mash, you will hardly notice any difference at all from using malted wheat. I was able to lauter (per usual) using the sink rinse attachment and recovered my pre-boil volume with no trouble. Of course with BIAB you can squeeze, strike, or otherwise manipulate your grain bag to get all those sugars, so a "stuck sparge" really doesn't come into play.
  14. Just a couple more rests before mash-out: about 20 min. @ 146 beta rest, then 20 min. @ 158 F for the alpha sacchs.
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