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  1. Although I'm having a difficult time imagining how key lime, agave, tequila, and oak flavors would mingle, I think you're on the right track with your idea. The only suggestion that I would make might be fermenting with a more characterful yeast -- maybe a West Coast ale yeast, BRY-97 or something similar? You could also have fun with some interesting hop additions but that would be up to you. Good luck with it and welcome back to brewing!
  2. I'm brewing Farro Grande Grisette and giving a little love to Wyeast 3711 French Saison yeast [07APR2020].
  3. Having a Same Ol' Schtick with my pizza, 🍻's to Altbier!!
  4. Citra Alt American style altbier?
  5. Had a Pink Boots White IPA with supper -- half Belgian Witbier and half American IPA. I like it!
  6. Update: Melon Wheat. If I didn't tell you first that there is a slight hint of melon aroma, you probably would not notice it. Pretty tasty though...
  7. Wow. I wish I could say glad it's not just me. Thing is, if I had to worry about a profit margin with my homebrewing, having to pitch backup yeast every other 2-gallon batch of beer would certainly blow it. Anyway, with a couple more Belgian-strain smack packs on order, I'm not ready to give up on Wyeast just yet. Thank goodness for Mangrove Jack's and Fermentis though.
  8. I would opt for a model that includes the base, since your wife is paying for it and all.🍻
  9. I like the ease of use with the 2-roller NB Hull Wrecker but it actually produces more grain fines/dust than my old Corona-style mill. I continue to "dust" the grain bag prior to mashing so I can feel better about dropping $115 on it. Maybe we will hear from someone that opted for a 3-roller or electric mill.
  10. I'd go with a quality grain crusher or maybe a 3-year AHA Membership, including the print copy of Zymurgy. Congrats!
  11. I'm in for a 2 gallon batch of the alternative IPA recipe and bought some BRY-97 just today.
  12. I trust all you guys know about the AHA Big Brew Day on Saturday. If not, here's the link to pledge your participation: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/aha-events/national-homebrew-day/🍻
  13. You would think I'm a little indecisive about this recipe looking at all those scribbles, but Pink Boots 2020 is underway. Look at that smack-pack swell, man!
  14. That's what I was trying to suggest, rather lazily I must say.
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