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  1. I wonder if residual carbonation from the Dew is causing an inaccurate FG reading.
  2. I’m not so sure that work isn’t the safest place for you right now, but it is nice to have you shake up the forum every now and then🍻.
  3. I don’t think a D-rest is needed with ale yeast. Go ahead and crash!
  4. The only one you’re missing is the Baltic Porter.
  5. I would take about 3-4 of those American Lagers, partial mash with some Munich and ferment it in your barrel til Oktoberfest!
  6. Well, with your fate determined, what are you thinking for style? Maybe a keg of Kellerbier for the summer?
  7. I hoping for Pale + Loral with maybe a stray shot of Victory!
  8. Right, I usually check my inventory of hops and yeast first when trying to decide what to brew. I'm waiting for you to brew a killer German Dunkel or Schwarzbier! My next recommendation would be a Czech Lager...
  9. Maybe @Nickfixit will have an opinion as well.
  10. I like it because it’s not US-05.🙂With a west coast Amber ale currently fermenting with BRY, I’m expecting a neutral flavor profile that lets the malt character dominate.
  11. With no vote of confidence from @Creeps McLane, I would appreciate any help from you guys on a name of your own! Barley was the 2-row variety called 'Hockett....'
  12. Curious how malt performed for you, @Creeps McLane. Any issues with lauter and/or calculated OG?
  13. WTFockett Golden Ale? Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Beer? Blank Canvas?
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