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  1. Good to know -- especially since the longest I've been able to let a batch ferment so far was just over 2 weeks, usually based on FG readings taken 48 hrs. apart after 10 days fermentation. I'm working on the solution to being impatient though -- get a couple more LBKs and get brewing!
  2. Just 12 days in on this one but I was curious how my FG was looking...right at 1.004. Of course checking FG is really just an excuse to sample the beer! My problem is I have no idea what I should be expecting for flavor on this recipe. Initially I can taste beer, then Wham! I get the hard cider followed by fairly obvious alcoholic finish. Interesting! After that, I am pretty sure this will be a stay-at-home-watch-football beer...any other takes on this recipe?
  3. As long as MB continues to offer the Winter Dark Ale at half-price, I'm sure there will be many posts in the coming days with new ideas on what to brew with it. I have a couple WDAs on hand as well and am looking forward to coming up with my own recipe. Until then, I would recommend Defibrillator Doppelbock!
  4. That sounds like a real winner! I'm already a fan of Bewitched Amber Ale, so will definitely add this recipe to the must-brew list. Steve
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