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  1. This is what your mash pH should be to maximize amylase enzymatic efficiency, reduce astringency, improve clarity, increase hop utilization and prevent off-flavors. I have never measured mine. Cheers.
  2. I did add the Sorachi Ace dry-hop per @Creeps McLane's recommendation for that extra bit of 🍋🍋🍋 flavor and aroma.
  3. The 'Packer win' step is optional, but you're welcome!🍻
  4. @Creeps McLane -- What would you think of a dry-hop with this? Maybe a little Hallertau Blanc perhaps?
  5. @Creeps McLane -- I thought I nailed it with 'Season of Fresh' but we'll see what this tastes like before I commit to it, haha.
  6. Just when it seemed that @Creeps McLane was ready to give up on competitions, he takes Tucson by storm with his saison! So to commemorate the day, I put together a quick (but inspired) recipe -- a traditional saison fermented with the 'shirt off my back' Safale BE-134 yeast. Additionally, to thank @JoshR and @MRB Tim for making the MUG comp. happen, I've included a Mr. Beer BrewMax Golden LME in the recipe for good measure.🍻 Saison de Frais Weyermann Pilsner, 3 lb. Weyermann Vienna, 1 lb. Torrified Wheat, 0.13 lb. Flaked Rye, 0.13 lb. Aromatic malt, 0.25 lb. BrewMax Golden LME, 0.55 lb. Summit (16.7% AA), 0.2 oz., 60 min. Styrian Golding (2.6 AA), 0.5 oz., 20 min. Styrian Golding, 0.5 oz., 10 min. French Strisselspalt (1.2% AA), 0.5 oz., 5 min. Fermentis SafAle BE-134 Sorachi Ace dry-hop, 0.25 oz. on Day 12 Mash grains for 60 min. at 150-152 F. Mash-out at 168 F for 10 min. Sparge with hot tap water. Boil 90 min, hopping as noted. Chill wort to 70 F, aerate, and pitch BE-134. Hope for a Packer win. Ferment for 2-3 weeks. OG 1.065 IBU 28 SRM 6 ABV 6.8% Thanks for the beers Creeps and good luck on your future brews!
  7. Thanks man -- Hey! I get to enjoy a bottle of your Best of Show saison with dinner tonight so I am feeling quite privileged! Again, great job!
  8. You did it! Congratulations on Seraph Serum!!!
  9. Alas, I did not enter the Raspberry Sour so it's up to you to carry the Berliner category. Best of luck, @Creeps McLane! You deserve it!
  10. Have you tried forcing nucleation with a chopstick?
  11. Tomorrow is the Big Day! Good luck Muggers!
  12. I've got the recipe and it's in the queue -- a little late for O'fest, but still looking forward to brewing it.
  13. ...or, after shipping entries 3 weeks ago, you discover that one of them has developed into a slow gusher? lol You might contact the competition organizer and see if they can re-categorize your entry before Saturday .https://tucsonhomebrewclub.brewcompetition.com/index.php?section=contact
  14. I just did the math on this and it looks like I just brewed another Christmas beer.🎄
  15. Here's the Zymurgy (July-August 2018) recipe that I scaled down to the LBK and brewed yesterday. Red Keep Biere de Garde Weyermann Vienna, 5 lbs. Belgian Aromatic malt, 0.2 lb. (I used Chateau Monastique malt) Target, 10.8% AA, 0.25 oz, 50 min. First Gold flavor hop (I subbed 0.25 oz. English Progress, 5.8% AA, 20 min.) Willamette, 3.8% AA, 0.25 oz., 5 min. Belgian Ale yeast (I used Mangrove Jack's M47) Mash @ 152-154 F for 60 min. Sprinkle sparge with hot tap water. Add optional Pale DME, heat to hot-break then begin 90 min. boil. Hop as noted. Chill wort, make to volume and pitch yeast < 70 F. Ferment on the cooler side, 63-65 F. Here is where it gets interesting. Following primary fermentation, rack to secondary and chill for 4 weeks at 48 F. Then batch prime, bottle and carbonate. Garde (keep/cellar) beer for at least 1 month following full carbonation prior to drinking. OG 1.068 IBU Low-mid 20s SRM 8 ABV 6.5% Recipe note: I am not brewing true no-sparge BIAB. My mash-in-sack process allows for a sparge step but becomes a challenge with grain bills exceeding 4.5-lbs. Given a slight reduction in efficiency and my equipment limitations, I'll sometimes add a Mr. Beer BrewMax Pale or Smooth DME (or booster) pre-boil to ensure I hit my OG. I did that this time.
  16. Trub bottle of Oxford Quad. I had my reasons for trying this Belgian Dark Strong after just 2 weeks of carbonation, but after drinking it on an empty stomach, I've forgotten them. TGIF!
  17. Sorry for the slight delay getting back to you but I'll get on that right away!
  18. I've used CaraRed but always in addition with roasted malt, making the overall contribution to color tough to determine. BTW, searching "Red Ale" on the Forum is a great way to kill a couple hours.
  19. Gonna brew a Howling Red Ale using @sabres032's 204 AG recipe!
  20. If I brewed this one again I might skip the booster and partial mash with 4-6 oz. Maris Otter (or 2-row) and a couple oz. of Caramel 60. If you were feeling adventurous, you could even throw in an oz. of roasted malt to get the Irish Red dryness.
  21. You could always substitute an appropriate Mr. Beer BrewMax LME/DME for booster. It really depends on the style though. What are you brewing?
  22. He went the way of @MrWhy. In other words, who knows???
  23. I can't believe 3 pages into this discussion and no one has posted this yet! Thanks for the memories @AnthonyC.
  24. With all references to the MUG/Tucson Homebrew competition removed from the Forum, a little clarification from Mr. Beer would be appreciated for those that have not yet sent off their entries.
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