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  1. Well, to be honest I've started with Mr. Beer and came on here reading during those batches. This is my 5th batch and I went bigger to 5 gallon bucket. So yes, not using Mr. Beer for this effort. Just used to the good info I get here. I plan to continue to use LBK for my 2.5 gal batches to try different beers.
  2. Well glad I moved to basement last night. It's in the 65 range ambient down there. Checked this morning on temp and its 71f now. Put some ice packs around it to help get her temp down. Man, so much to learn and so much good help on this site. I'm really enjoying this new hobby and with anything you learn more and more each batch and each day. Thanks. Rick
  3. Ok. Thanks. Great idea. Do you think being in the low 70's hurt? Or is that ok for the first few days because of the initial spike?
  4. Hi. Here's my question. I pitched yeast last night and the wort was 64 F. Today the fermentation process really kicked up and the temp now is reading 73F. I have a temp strip on the fermenter. Is this a concern? I've read a lot on here about keeping the temp in the 60"s. Should I be concerned? I'm thinking to move the batch down in the basement where I know its cooler. or is this normal and temp rise is generated by the fermentation process? FYI, I'm working on an American Pale Ale.
  5. I called my local brew supply and talked it over. The correct way was what we though, let the hop bags steep during cool down, for about 30 mins. I went 10-15 minutes during cool time. The store clerk said it wouldn't affect too much in the long run, especially since I somewhat squeezed the juices out a bit with the sanitized tongs. In the meantime, i'm quite happy with the fermentation, getting some great action in the vessel.
  6. Great Example @RickBeer. That is exactly how I loaded my Fermenter for 5 gallon batch. 1 gal of cold water, then added Wort which was about 80F, then topped off with more cold water to 5 gallons. Then aerated the batch with a sanitized SS spoon. Sticky Temp label on bucket read 62F. I was a little nervous that I was going to pitch yeast at 62F but read in here that as long as I was below 80F I should be fine. Your comment of it being in the low 60's offered me more relief. Batch is sitting in a nice 70F environment now and after 12 hours, some nice bubbles in the Airlock are occurring. About every 40 secs if that means anything. I should probably be posting this in another topic. funny how the original topics can morph.
  7. Thanks! I didn't go the full 30, maybe 15 mins. Was a tough decision but here's some advise to other newbies, Read the instructions 5 or 6 times. Note your questions and call the Brew supply house before they close and you start brewing. Ha Ha. I will call today and find out what they meant.
  8. thanks guys. I'm a nervous wreck.... LOL. I think its more excitement though, seriously... that and I don't want to screw it up. Anyway. the directions I'm following say the following.. "After 60 min of boiling, turn off heat. Put lid on your pot and cool it in an ice bath for about 30 minutes. Remove the hop bags from the kettle." Just wondering if that means to keep them in for 30 minutes or take them out before cooling. My thinking is that since it says remove bags from the kettle in the last sentence, it means wait 30 mins to remove.
  9. Hi. I'm ready to try a more elaborate brew. Well, for me anyway. I'm going to use 3 hop pellets in Muslin bags. The bittering hops go in when the pot begins to boil with my malt. After 50 mins I'm to add the Flavoring hops, then after 58 mins I'm to add the finishing hops. total time of boil is 1 hour. Then remove from heat and begin cool down in an ice bath. My question is this. After the boil, do I remove all the hop muslin bags right away? or do I let them steep until my wort comes down to 75-80 F? Thanks in advance Rick the Newbee
  10. Thanks Guys. Exactly... after the 1st week I did not see any more action and things settled down. In regards to the HME, I picked it up at the local homebrew store and followed her instructions. She told me it was ready to go for 2.5 gallons and I didn't need to add anything. I asked that specifically. I have read what you are saying about the sugar addition so I'm leery about what I'm going to end up with.
  11. Thanks Anthony. My only regret is I didn't start learning this earlier in life. At 51 I still can brew my fair share I think. It's really is cool though. So much to learn!
  12. Ok, been reading a ton on here. Thanks to all for the info. I'm an early addict at all of this and its really got my interest to get better at it. Anyways. The gist I get is to wait 3 weeks before bottling. I'm now at day 14. OG was 1.044. Took a SG reading about 5 days ago and it was 1.014. Took one today and its 1.011. Yes, I read to not waste so I taste it. Tastes pretty good! Like a beer should! Its Muntons Premium Canadian Style Beer ME which I brewed to make 2.5 gallons. It doesn't look like anything's going on in the tank bubble wise, like it was initially. Should I be seeing any foam or anything? Is there an SG I should aim for? like 1.004 I think I read? or just wait another week, take a reading and bottle away. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Rick
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