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  1. Do I have to remove the stickers?
  2. So the dish soap is for cleaning and the No Rinse for Sanitizing? Cleaning is done after the bottling phase for the LBK and sanitizing is done when getting Wort ready? Am I understanding now.... Thanks!
  3. What about Palmolive pure and clear dish soap ... Am I missing a cleaning your LBK after bottling post somewhere. This seems to be a pain point of mine right now seeing I just bottled my first 2 batches and am having a hard time with this step to make sure I sanitize properly. As others have stated finding unscented hand soap is impossible and spending a fortune is out of the question. Please advise. Thanks!
  4. Great ... yea I will be re-reading your post about bottle cleaning here soon when I collect more bottles. Thanks!
  5. Yea I got the brown part and these are brown and not screw on tops. Issue with the Cider Taste?
  6. So I want to start collecting some glass bottles for my beer brewing .. my buddy drinks a lot of Hard Ciders. Any Issues with using these after cleaning them to bottle my Home-brew? I was kind of worried about any lingering tastes affecting my beer. Thanks!
  7. I will not touch Bud Light if it is the last beer on the earth. What is funny though is I do enjoy me a Budweiser from time to time if no other choice.
  8. I know I am new(ish) but am I the only one that goes to the Mr Beer Store and hope they put something on Sale like 5 times a day? I might be spending alot of money with them if they offer prices on other beers like the WDA and combine that with half off shipping. Speaking of being new don't I get some really cool coupon like a free beer of my choice?
  9. Of course mine seems to be working now at Work... I will try at home later.
  10. Yea I have had the problem for 2 days now. If I click a direct link to the store though I get in ... just not the link at the top of the forums. I think it might be Cache problem on our PCs but I haven't cleared mine to find out.
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