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Status Updates posted by NwMaltHead

  1. Got the day off, just relaxing with my girls at home; just need to add the vanilla/orange peel tincture to the California Dreamin and let her sit another 10 days.

  2. Gotta fix some breakfast for my girls before I go galavanting through the lhbs.

  3. Haven't had internet for awhile, also been lacking funds for batch #5 :( officially out of Homebrew at the moment. Should be back in the game in March. 

  4. My Haiku:

    Dark chocolatey malts

    A rush of roasted pumpkin 

    Cask, like days of old 

  5. Watching and waiting as my Porter and Cider finish in the LBKs. Excited to bottle and get going on the next 2!!

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