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  1. Welcome to the Brew Crew John. As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part"...
  2. Just saw this thread... I'm just outside of Pittsburgh by the airport in Moon Township.
  3. I mentioned this in a post on another thread but if anyone enjoys having a non-homemade brew (I may be subject to banishment for that statement) a buddy of mine turned me on to the phone app UNTAPPD. It allows you to learn about breweries and different beers (there's a lot in the library) and allows you to review them and even add a picture. I travel a lot for business and when out to dinner I use the app to learn about brews I've never had before before ordering. If you do download the app go to your settings page a do a friend search. Feel free to add me, my username is Deano424.
  4. Nice label. What did you use? Good luck on the conditioning, I get my first crack at my Canadian Blonde tomorrow (after 3 days in the fridge). I put a bottle in at weeks 2, 3 and 4 to taste the difference in conditioning time.
  5. Never thought of the transport issue. Good point if you brew in the kitchen and ferment in the basement.
  6. Thanks Anthony. Been out of town on business. Gonna try that Pumpkin Spice recipe soon I hope!
  7. I will second the comment that the MRB crew is second to none - very helpful and friendly. If I did make the jump to a 5 gallon kit I would hope that I could one day get it through MRB. I may be in the minority here but I like the 2 gallon MRB kits because I'm the only beer drinker in the house and, even with friends trying out a brew, 5 gallons is a lot to go through. Also, 2 gallon brews allow me to brew more often and try new recipes. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Bottled my first batch (Canadian Blonde - not add-ons, straight recipe only) just over 4 weeks ago. I put a bottle in the fridge at week 2, 3 and then at week 4 (plus 2 days since I was out of town). The last bottle will have been in the fridge 3 days tomorrow and I'm looking forward to opening all 3 and tasting the difference as a result of the conditioning time. I bottled my second brew, American Lager (Deluxe), and it tasted great after fermentation and can't wait to try that one once conditioning is done. Thanks to the experienced brewers for all the advice. Already looking forward to a Weisbier brew in the near future.
  9. Welcome Lee! You came to the right place. Lots of great home brewers more than willing to give you some advice and help out. Best of luck in your brews!
  10. New into the hobby and like many fellow brewers I've been looking at tools, accessories or ingredients for the next brew. I think many of us have BAD - Brewing (or Brewing accessories) Acquisition Disorder I have stopped into the local brewery supply store just to walk around and see what I want to buy next or use in the next batch. It's great that they are very helpful and their prices are very good. I could easily spend a boatload of cash (if I had it) on stuff but I'm holding back trying to learn things one step at a time. Lots of really interesting stuff and ingredients I'd like to try out though. I guess I too have a bad case of BAD...
  11. I see your point jsherman about the labels. It's just my OCD will not let me use the bottles with labels on it, I'm just that way... I was thinking about painters' tape as well. On my LBK (I now have 2) I use removable folder-type labels and write the date and brew on it and put in in the center of the LBK. It just fits and peels off easily for cleaning after bottling. I saw RickBeer's post, and others' comments, about Oxy Clean Free and just picked up a (way too big) container of it at the grocery store. I continue to collect pry off brown bottles and am interested to see if it helps with the label removal or the local brewery (Penn Brewery) uses the same "space program" adhesive that RickBeer mentioned in his post.
  12. Bottled my first batch (Canadian Blonde) the other day after 3 weeks fermenting at constant 64 degrees. While prepping to bottle, and having a 2nd LBK, I thought I would brew a second batch since I'd already be clearing the area for the bottling process and have the sanitizer mixed, etc. The second batch is American Lager with Pale LBE. Some things I came across during this last process that may (or may not) be helpful to others and my next bottling experience: Removing the labels off of used pry off beer bottles is laborious. Get your kids to do it or hire someone crazy enough to take the job if you can. I used bottles from a local brewery (Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh). The bottles are great but the labels were really tough to get off, even after soaking in a stationary tub in hot water for a long time. Ended up using a glass scraper with a single edge razor blade. This helped much but be careful with the blade. You need more room than you think. I used 12 oz bottles and 740 ml bottles. Staging areas for sanitized bottles, capping filled bottles, the LBK, utensils in sanitizer, the capper, etc. takes up more room than you think. The more area you can dedicate the more efficient and consistent your process will be. The markings on my second LBK are not the same as the original one that came in my kit. Just don't be confused if you get a second LBK and measure the amounts anyway regardless of the markings. Although it made sense at the time, if you're a new brewer I would not brew my second batch immediately after bottling my first. I realized that doing so made it more confusing and I found that I forgot to sanitize a whisk I use to mix the wort and the process came to a halt while it was sanitizing. Brewing or bottling on it's own makes the process more straight forward and simple. I used carbo drops in the 740ml and table sugar in the 12 oz bottles. I sanitized the funnel for the sugar but it wasn't dried completely when I used it. Not being dry is fine for the LBK, bottles or utensils but a wet funnel doesn't work great for putting sugar in bottles. Sugar "sludge" sits in the funnel and not all the sugar goes into the bottle. Next time I know to ensure the funnel is complete dry. The MRB bottling wand is wonderful and made the process very simple, ensuring that the bottles are filled appropriately by removing the wand when the bottle fills up leaving the right amount of space. Looking to forward to drinking the home brew in 4 weeks and the next time I'll wait at least a few days before beginning the next one.
  13. Good post Rick. Being diligent about going through a process does have it's rewards. It's somewhat reassuring that even the seasonal professionals can have a bad day. Makes my feel justified about my anxiety when brewing the couple batches I've started.
  14. Thanks RickBeer and Josh. I will likely vary the sugar levels in different bottles. Does it sound like I used the calculator correctly? I assumed 2.5 for the carb level and a 740ml bottle. It came out about 1/2 of the MRB recommendations
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