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  1. Thanks Brian, I thought the same about the Blanc recipe too, very tasty. I just am wondering if they are so close, why pay the extra $10 for the blanc then lol.
  2. Has anyone made both of these recipes and compared? They both use orange zest and coriander. Does anyone know/think that they will taste very very similar or is the Blanc much closer to a Blue Moon clone than the Lace?
  3. I knew that beers would take longer than what was stated by MB but my main question is since in the chart carbing and conditioning are separated time frames, was it just misunderstood by me or can those two steps more or less be considered one time frame for ease of communication? Maybe it's just a play on words but like I said earlier I thought it was always considered the same time frame for both. I knew we couldn't create good beer in two weeks
  4. Hmm, guess I actually never heard that when I was on the msg board earlier this year. I knew MB was advertising 2 weeks and you had beer or something but the guru's were saying 3-4 for fermenting and at least 3 for conditioning(carbing) depending on the recipe. Rick my question is, maybe I misunderstood you guys the whole time, but I thought the carbing and conditioning step were both the same step?
  5. Hey Guys, I'm finally coming back from hibernation from brewing. Schedule got crazy with another kid and what not with life. Wow have things changed on here in only 7 months! My question is why on earth is MB now stating it takes so long for the beers to be ready to drink? Belgian Blanc for example - Fermentation Carbonation Bottle Conditioning Total Brewing Time 3 Weeks 3 Weeks 2 - 4 Weeks = 2 - 3 Months I guess in the past I thought we kind of considered the Carbing and conditioning the same time period? My Blancs were great with 3-4 week fermentation and 2-3 week carb/condition. Did I miss an update on the recipes or is it just a change in the thinking of the beer process?
  6. This is a total epic fail on my part. I am hoping you guys can give me a quick answer. I'm making the Blanc again, today as a matter of fact. I go to get my supplies from my inventory and I realize I spaced out purchasing wb-06 dry wheat yeast. I have S-33 and of course the yeast that comes under the Bav Weiss lid. Are either of these usable for the Blanc recipe!? Thanks in advance!!
  7. I'm excited to have this available now but I'm either blind or not taking my time to read carefully about, how much conditioning time is needed for this brew?
  8. Ok good deal. I bottled my graf last week or the one before, now it's just the long waiting game! ?
  9. Nice job! I wasn't a big fan of the hard cider but I was unaware it was supposed to be like a cerise. What is your opinion of it, too fruity, not enough Apple or just the right balance if your into an apple beer?
  10. Good catch cowboy! First time around I had just ordered the recipe from mrbeer.
  11. Rick do you have any thoughts on the info above?
  12. I'm planning on making this brew again. I picked some hallertau blanc hops from my LBHS. Their packages only come in 1 oz packs so I bought two since the recipe calls for 1.5 oz. Will it be a significant taste difference if I use all two ounces or am I better off sticking to the 1.5 oz? Edit: I just realized on the package it says alpha acid 8.8 and MB hallertau are 3.5-5.5! What will that difference do, more bitter?
  13. Good luck! Make sure to sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize.
  14. Will I did not measure the amount on zest I used. I just grabbed 1 orange and zested the whole thing. The Belgian blanc recipe didn't specify any amount it just stated zest of 1 small orange.
  15. Why are you guys adding the peel to the vodka? Not for sanitizing purposes are you? The boiling water would sanitize the peel from what I've been told. Nevermind re read your comments. If adding after fermentation has begun then yes add to vodka to sanitize.
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