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  1. ok thanks! Now to tell the wife to turn the thermostat up. Wish me luck!
  2. Yes new plastic bottles that came with the kit. The bottles didn't firm at all, ever. The bottles are being kept in a bottom kitchen cabinet, no light, about 68 deg.
  3. Yes I used the drops, 2 per bottle. I didn't shake per say but did rock each one back and forth a few times. The bottles did not firm up at all. The caps are tight. Should I put more drops in them?
  4. So I had a standard porter going as my first batch and fermented it for 18 days then stuck it in the fridge for a cold crash. Unfortunately my grandfather passed and I had to leave the state for a few days so my beer was in the fridge for 5 days. When I got back I bottled it and now I don't think its carbonating. Its been 10 days and the bottles are still squishy. Did I ruin it by crashing it too long? Is there anything I can do to save it? If not I'm not too worried about it, I have a boosted Oct. fest going now. Thanks for any help.
  5. I was worried because it looks like all the refills come with booster and the one I got at my local supply store did not but I bought a pack anyway. I thought I screwed up.
  6. Ok so I won't mess with it. I thought the booster was supposed to bring out the flavor more along with upping the alcohol?
  7. Can you add booster after you start fermenting? I will be 24 hrs into ferment and didn't put a booster in my American Porter. Is it too late or can I add and slowly stir to dissolve?
  8. I have a brand new kit so I washed it before I sanitized it. This is my first batch and went with the American Porter. Thought about adding a booster pack but decided to go straight up to see how it goes. I also have the Octoberfest to add the booster to.
  9. Cool! Thanks! I was worried about the dish soap as I heard it left a film. Never thought of oxyclean.
  10. New to this brew thing and to the forum. I did not find any search results the would answer my question. I am having a difficult time finding unscented hand soap locally. Is there something else that will work? Thanks in advance!
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