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  1. So, I guess the general consensus is that the beer should age in the bottle for 4 weeks before consuming...Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since bottling - if my math is correct...Will have to crack open a bottle tomorrow night and make sure! Thanks for the kind words and I have learned a lot here and at HBT..Been busy too! I am not letting my LBKs sit idle long! Have all 3 filled right now and have since bottled 2 more batches! In bottles conditioning right now: Bavarian Weissbeir and C.A.L. that I decided on a whim to 'dry hop' with .5oz of Centennial hop pellets for the last 5 days in the fermenter- it smelled awesome while I was bottling it! In the LBKs right now I have: 1: Nut Brown Ale(which I plan on bottling tomorrow-been 3 weeks in ferm) 2:Vienna Ale 3: St Patricks Irish Stout. 1 & 2 are non Mr Beer kits, one I recall(the Vienna one) is a The name that shall not be named kit, can't recall the other kit manf right now.. Will update on progress...
  2. Pantherjon

    1st brew!2

    Tasted pretty good..Mind you, it WAS a little on the 'green' side as it had only been conditioning for a little over a week...2nd bottle tasted even better..Daughter took a couple bottles over to a friends house where they are 'real' beer drinkers and they said it tasted good...Next bottle should be even better as it has had some time to age and condition more...It is NOT a complex taste, but a fairly light one, but easy drinking.
  3. LMAO..I did that when I assembled my 1st LBK! Overthinking. Put it on the outside in the correct orientation and presto, no leaks! I also found that if you over tighten the nut that it will leak on you..
  4. So, the booster packs are not meant for beer? Not doubting, just seems 'off' that they are included now..So, I suppose the other Mr Beer refills I have that do NOT have the boosters will work as well as they should?
  5. Okay, so now then, a little over a week later I put 2 bottles of this batch into the fridge this morning to chill...Opened one this evening as I am watching my Tuesday night episodes on satellite TV(Tuesday is my weekday off and I am off every other weekend)..Crack open the cap and hear that pleasant hissing sound. Good carbonation..Pour into glass, poured most of it down the side into the glass not allowing it to foam and form a head..Oh well, smelled it and it has a nice aroma to it..Then a taste..Hmmmm...Light, not a 'kick in the mouth' hoppy feel(which of course I knew it would NOT have..Not bad..Not a complex beer taste that I had grown accustomed to with the Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada beers I had been drinking lately..It was a nice pleasant taste, had a good mouth feel and left a pleasant aftertaste..1st bottle last week left kind of a peculiar aftertaste..So, I think it is getting better! Should be even better come this weekend when I try my hand at a partial grain recipe.. Just as a side note..The refill kit I used was the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner..Now, looking at the Mr Beer website and I see that the standard refill kits come with booster packs, the one I used did not have this booster pack..Something real recent in the inclusion of this? Just curious as I bought the Mr Beer kit from their Amazon store the 1st week of December that included the Pils refill..Weird.. Anyways, I will let you all know how the 2nd(that is still in the fridge) bottle tastes this weekend..
  6. Opened the first bottle from my 1st batch tonight! After spending just 6 days conditioning in my closet I put one of the bottles that didn't get quite full in the fridge. We had some friends over tonight and I wanted to share what I had made. Upon opening there was the nice distinctive hiss that indicated a good carb was attained. On pouring it had a nice head, and nice aroma. Taste however was not quite there. It is still on the green side, , but still, it was palatable with a smooth if somewhat fruity taste. Tho it did have a bit of a bitter after taste. I am pretty sure that after the full 2 weeks of conditioning and a couple days in the fridge it will only get better. But, for what it was it was awesome! A couple of pics of the nice clear Czech Pilsner...My 1st brew!
  7. Thanks Josh and Rick...Should have read the directions on the StarSan a bit more carefully..Doh!
  8. I just bottled my 1st ever batch(yay for me! ) and I used PBW to wash out the LBK. Thouroughly used the sprayer to get as much trub and residue out, reaching in with my hand to get a couple of clumps that were being stubborn..I rinsed it out a couple of times. Then I filled it to the 1 gallon mark, put 1oz of StarSan in, put the lid on and slowly rocked it back and forth and rotated it upside down so I could hit all surfaces. Ran it through the spigot and drained about half the solution out the spigot. Drained the solution, rinsed it out with cold water. Took apart the spigot, didn't find any 'gunk' in it. Let it soak for about 5 minutes in my 1 step cleanser I opened to start a new batch. Buttoned averything up, used the no rinse cleanser and put a 2nd batch into the LBK..Did I miss anything?
  9. wow! Just reading that number made my mouth pucker! That will be one hoppy beer!
  10. That is what I have always been told...Stored a couple of bottles of wine and champagne in the fridge on their sides for 5+ years and they surprisingly tasted fine and the champagne was still bubbly!
  11. No, but I detect a faint trace of bathroom tile there....
  12. From the Brooklyn Brew Shop directions And line 1 on the Fermentation process they recommend: "Place brew pot in an ice bath until it cools to 70 degrees F".. John, if you are using a Mr Beer LBK, DON'T shake it! LOL
  13. Did you shake the fermenter vigourously after adding the yeast to aerate your wort? Also, was your wort cooled down to the recommended 70 degrees? Soemtimes it does take a while for the yeast to 'wake up'...I wouldn't worry, it should start kicking...
  14. Thank you! Was just going by what I saw...I think I need to update my bookmark URL...LOL
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