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  1. Temp down to 73. i just hate moving that thing around. It cant be good for it?
  2. 1 cup dme in 8 cups of water boil for 15 minutes. at 1/2 ounce of cascade hops light boil for 20 minutes and then added 1/4 ounce Columbus hops light boil for 15 minutes. take of burner and add extract. Ohh man i know there is not going to be any positive reply to this
  3. So its not to far into fermentation and i noticed before the increase in temperature (today) it had a lot of krausen which is still there. I will keep an eye on the temp.
  4. its - 10 c out right now so i got it out side. Now i know i can get the temp under control. how long does it take for high temps to destroy your beer?
  5. Well i took bits and pieces of advice from what ever i could find on the forum. .temp was 60 degrees Fahrenheit when i pinched the yeast. its now at 75-77 due to fermentation. My other batch is at the normal temp. so its got to be getting pretty hot in the keg. Im hoping it does not go to much past that. I will let everyone know if it taste like crap or if its good drinking for me :D. Thanks for all the advice !!
  6. Thanks guys. I'll just experiment with is and see what happens
  7. Thats some very great information to learn from. How much DME and Water do i add to a pot to boil my hops in befor i add my HME after the boil? It doesnt even have to be accurate just something for me to work from.
  8. I want IBU Rick. I dont drink to get drunk in fact if I could make it .5 and taste great I would. What I understood was you can't just boil hops in water. So I read if you were gonna boils hops for mr beer LBK it had to be done in DME. Is this false information or mis understanding ?
  9. The one i guy i expected to reply first Well I want to add more hops to the diablo ipa. I tried my friends and he made the kit by its self and its just not hoppy enough for me. I dont have a recipe i just want to add hops and i wont learn if i dont try. I just need to know how much water and DME to mix to boil 1/4 ounce cascade and 1/4 columbian??
  10. Hey guys so i went to my local brew shop to pick up some DME and all they had was muntons DME. For me to boil hops how much water and how much DME should i mix together for the boil? Im using the LBK to ferment in. I searched the forums but couldnt find anything relating to this?
  11. Ya i always take it off the heat when adding hme
  12. So I can boil my hops in the water befor adding the hme? I figured you needed to boil hops in lme regardless? ?
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