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    I used American Lager deluxe refill and Aztec Mexican Cerveza deluxe refill for the two brews. I added .25 oz Tettnanger hops in a hop sack to the boiling water before I mixed in the LME. I added the wort, hop sack and all to the fermenter and added Saflager 34/70 lager yeast to each. I did the primary fermentation at 50 degrees F for two weeks, then racked and lagered at 40 degrees F for four weeks. Then I primed and bottled for two weeks minimum at room temperature. The American lager, which I called "Old Dutch" after the beer my Grandfather used to drink, tasted a lot like (dare I say it?) Sam Adams' Boston Lager. The Mexican Cerveza tasted like some draft beers I've had in Mexico, but a little hopier and with more body.
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