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  1. Unfortunately we don't, I looked them up and they seem like really cool stores! Wish we did now.
  2. Ok thanks I will try to find where it has been discussed before and look up what malt extract is.
  3. Hey, new guy here. I was just wondering if it's possible to use the coopers refills in the LBK? Can I just use half the can and spread it out over two LBK or maybe two different uses? The local Save On Foods here sells everything possibly needed for Coopers kits but nothing for the Mr. Beer kits. Being in Canada it's so much cheaper to be able to buy it all this way versus online even using Canadian Amazon. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm innthe Vancouver area and just got my kit in the mail today (I guess they deliver on Sunday's during the holidays) and I'm pumped to start my first batch, I've always wanted a Mr. Beer kit.
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